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    Wilmot Breeden Limited

    Hi do you know which factory she worked in (Amington road Kings Road etc) ?
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    One I heard a lot when I was a kid i'm flat broke.
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    Done that many times loved it.
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    Not a problem when you get older but your right when your a kid its not very good.
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    Hi I feel like a young lad after reading some of these posts born 25/12/1944
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    Gents Only rooms in pubs

    The Redhill in Hay mills had a gents only. I remember a time in the early 50s when mom wanted to speak to dad about something important. He was in the gents only she would not go in and fetch him so she sent me, and dad was not pleased.
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    sun ray treament

    Where did you have your treatment and can you remember the year.
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    Marston Green & Tile Cross

    Yes that's right Jack not Frank my memory coming back, I haven't thought about them for along time.
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    Marston Green & Tile Cross

    Yes the small garage had been there for years, it was very old and dated. When I started working there a new garage had been built opposite with all the mod cons. I believe the new part was built in about 1958.
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    Marston Green & Tile Cross

    I can't remember that, but you missed out by not going to the woods it was beautiful when the blue bells where in flower.
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    Marston Green & Tile Cross

    Hi all I worked at Griffins garage 1960 -1963 I thought Marston Green was a lovely village. Three brothers owned the garage George Eddy and Frank (I think that was there names) and I loved working there. I was only a kid so it was my job to fetch the sandwiches from the little cottage shop...
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    I lived in Acocks Green but I bought a pram for my first child 50 years ago from a shop in the wells green shopping area. I can't remember the name of the shop but I think it was there for a long time afterwards.
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    The pub was called the Speedwell I spent many an happy hour in there.
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    Hi I have tried to follow your directions in this post and the only garage I can remember (other than colliers) in the area was in Stockfield road I don't remember the name of the garage but the last time I went passed, it was a builders merchants.
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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Thanks I think I may be getting mixed up with Acocks Green station because I was shown round there as a kid also.