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Recent content by philbee

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    New Nechells And Aston Photos

    I posted the last post before i had written it (silly me) anyway i was just going to say that you are correct in naming Rita Gallagher she was my cousin she is sadly no longer with us but she must have been young in this photo , i to worked at newtons in the toolroom and later on in the...
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    Nechells Park Road

    Hi debs The playing field shown on the map was johnnie wrights playing field it had big green gates that seemed permenantly closed but didnt stop the kids getting over we lived across the road at 3baka162 long acre. Philbee
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    High Park Street, Nechells

    Hi Mike just accessed this old post in which you have stated that the photos of "st Clements school " are infact St Clements church i think was in stuart street the school was in High Park Street i was at st clements from 1953 to 1958 when we left "the old end" and moved to Kingshurst. Reguards...
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    Bombing Brum

    Just came across this thread and as i have mentioned before on the site about an uncle Thomas Edgar Harrison his body was found at 35 Claverdon street nechells he is recorded on the Barras website and war graves website for civilian dead as being found in Clarendon street but his death...
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    Saltley Gas Works about 1950

    It was certainly a scarey ride on a loaded no8 going round that bend and the next one by the pub the drivers seemed to speed up going round those bends and if you were on the top deck you wondered whether he had over done it but it always straightened up thankfuly! phill
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    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Just came across this post and looking at the photo of the flats being built i noticed the question being asked was what could the structure be in the background well when i was working at the gas boards regional transport depot in duddeston mill road their new garage was built on the old gas...
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    Birmingham City Council - Archives Section?

    Just a bit on the new library a few months ago now i went to the library to look for some photos of nechells i was let into "fort knox" without an appointment i might add and i was helped to find the records which were brought out to me to so that i could search for the photos i found 6 photos...
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    The Bowling Green At St Bernard's Grange, Sheldon

    gerald is the pub still there i used to live on kingshurst and frequented castle brom in my youth but cant visualize the pub. phil
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    The Bowling Green At St Bernard's Grange, Sheldon

    where was the comet?
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    Wright's Rope Works

    Is this firm the Johnnie Wrights that had a playing field on long acre nechells that we used to play on?
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    Police Horses

    Eddie Great photo makes you feel proud to be a brummie i wonder if these officers were ex cavalry as they all seem to have campaign medals or were they awarded for service one wonders ! Phil
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    can't read text on google chrome

    Just to let you know i cleared all my internet browsing as suggested by windows help and it all seems fine, it was only this site that was affected . Thank you all that replied to my post. Phil
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    can't read text on google chrome

    Anybody having problems reading text on the website using google chrome photos are fine but no text it has been fine up until a few days ago, if i use internet explorer or as i am now using mozilla every thing is fine i have tried logging in and out but to no avail. Phil
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    FAO: Residents of Chelmsley Wood (past and present).

    I think all the people that see bad in estates see bad in all estates , my family moved to the kingshurst estate in the late fifties just as the estate was being built it was a great place to grow up in having come from back to back housing in nechells i remember playing in the "bluebell" wood...