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    Neon Pint Glass sign

    Do you know the Facebook link?
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    Neon Pint Glass sign

    I also thought it was on the Rotunda, but my Sister (who used to work in Brum) says it was a different sign. She thinks it was near Moor St station near the old Reddington's Rare Records shop (I don't remember the old shop).
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    Neon Pint Glass sign

    Hi Folks, Anyone remember the 1970's neon pint glass that used to fill up with beer on the side of a pub(?) in the Moor St area? Was it Ansells and where was it located (please post any photos of it to jog my memory)? Cheers Pfmc24
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    The Cannonball - Adderley Street [JAZZ IN PUBS]

    I used to on Saturday nights and remember seeing Dave O'Higgins o several occasions. Anyone else remember other bands that played?