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Recent content by Peter james Docherty

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    Davos, Switzerland Sunday Mercury & Kunzle

    Hi Tony my father was in davos 53/54 i dont know where his name Tom Docherty i was a baby
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    Davos, Switzerland Sunday Mercury & Kunzle

    Hi everyone I'm a new member I'm looking for away to find out what Hospital in Davos that my father was a patient back in I think 1954 he had TB he did recover but passed away in 1980 I cannot remember the name of the Hospital he told me and nothing is coming to mind I know he made freinds over...
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    Davos, Switzerland Sunday Mercury & Kunzle

    Hi Pam I have just joined this site my father was in one of the Davos Hospital's about 1954 I don't know which one is there any way of finding out His name was Thomas Docherty I would love to know thank you x