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  1. pedlarman

    H.P Sauce Birmingham

    Hi, Sue, I believe I have correctly analysed the thinking behind all these 'health' innovations being thrown at us these days by politicians and supposed scientists. It simply amounts to the fact that we are being bamboozled into the current Big Business practice of 'Cost Cutting'... You...
  2. pedlarman

    1st Aeroplane Flight

    'Morning, oldMohawk, Your post about your first flight in a De Havilland Rapide reminded me that my first flight was also in a Rapide... It took place while I was holidaying at Butlins, Skegness, in the Fifties, and Butlins were offering 10 minute flights over the camp area. I'd never been...
  3. pedlarman

    Big Top 1959

    'Morning All, I remember the Big Top when it was a tent opposite the Odeon (which was probably 'The Paramount' in those days...!). I certainly recall going to a boxing promotion in the Big Top to watch Bruce Woodcock - the British and Empire Heavyweight Champion - perform. I forget who he...
  4. pedlarman

    Pype Hayes Hall Home

    Hi, jennyann: Thanks for the compliments. My wife loved working there with the kids, and, even when we were married, used to bring one or two of them home with her for a few hours. The little girls especially loved to help her do the washing up...! (Saved me a job!). Cheers, Jim
  5. pedlarman

    Pype Hayes Hall Home

    davidfowler: Thanks for the compliment, david. And may I add that Joan is still as good-looking as ever, in spite of her eighty years...!!! May I add that, of course, I always did do everything right... Cheers, Jim
  6. pedlarman

    Pype Hayes Hall Home

    shaz and jennyann, Thought I'd jump in on the subject of Pype Hayes Hall. My wife worked there as a residential children's nurse when I first came across her. We're in our eighties now and have been married for 59 years... I don't know, shaz, whether you have clicked on to the link that...
  7. pedlarman

    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Phil, I well remember visiting The Coliseum picture house when I was a kid. But I particularly remember the service station in your picture that replaced it... The reason being that I was with my dad when he ran out of petrol at the top of Saltley Road, which was a long hill in those...
  8. pedlarman

    Why the Industrial Revolution.

    I remember the number of visits paid to the UK by Japanese 'trade' delegations before the war. The Land of The Rising sun knew exactly what it was doing, I think. I remember, also, that to say an item - such as a tin toy - was 'made in Japan' was an indication that it was rubbish. Conversely...
  9. pedlarman

    Peter walker.

    I haven't been a member of Heartlands all that long. But one of the first contacts I made, when I joined, was Peter Walker. I never met Peter, because I am housebound by one thing or another, but I had quite a few posted contacts with him - for the simple reason that his Dad was one of my...
  10. pedlarman

    Where did you live

    Alf : What a surprise to know you once lived in Deal, Kent. That's where I was stationed when I joined the Marines as a raw recruit. RM Depot is where we were sent for our basic training. It lasted for six months and was nothing but drilling on the parade ground. Every squad had to pass out...
  11. pedlarman

    Birmingham in 1910s

    And certainly a more caring government than there was in the Eighties...;)
  12. pedlarman


    I wasn't directly connected in any way to the GEC., but I can't help mentioning that my Aunt Lil Etchells worked there for 25 years - at the end of which service she was presented with a bedroom suite and an illustrated diploma. I wonder how many firms would be so generous to a long-serving...
  13. pedlarman

    trouble with the printer

    'Morning, Patty: I had the same trouble with my Lexmark 2350 a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be the need for a new cartridge...! Cheers, Jim Pedley (pedlarman)
  14. pedlarman

    Birmingham Childrens' Homes in the 1950s

    Hi, Miggy: Go to "Search" and write in "Pype Hayes End of an Era". There are quite a few posts on that subject will give you a lot of information about Pype Hayes Hall - including one from myself. (my wife was a children's nurse at Pype Hayes Hall during the late Forties and early Fifties...)...
  15. pedlarman

    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Hi, Mike, Your mention of the Clayton name in the Saltley Docks thread reminds me that I could do with your assistance regarding a Messrs Clayton & Sons, who had a business in New Street, Birmingham, in 1842. I wonder if you have any record of this establishment that would tell us what the...