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    Views About Birmingham Bull Ring(s)

    My apologies......this is such a large forum and as a newbie I am still learning and finding my way around.:05.18-flustered:
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    Views About Birmingham Bull Ring(s)

    Hi Eric. My other half remembers the pre-sixties Bullring center...you say it had characters as well as character, he asks do you remember the blind carrier bag lady that stood outside the old market hall selling home-made carrier bags?
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    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Thanks for the replies and the picture Zambodini. Is that a fairly recent picure? My daughters attended the school from 1968 to 1973.
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    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Wow you must have such a good memory to remember all those teacher's names. We lived then in Norfolk Road off Court Lane. My only recall was that the school was a single storey building? Is it still a school?
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    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Anyone any pictures or info. of Court Farm Primary School Erdington? My three daughters attended this school in the middle/late 1960's and would like to relive any shared memories of this time
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    Sutton Park

    Thank you both........but how?...where? I have no idea.
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    Sutton Park

    We have cine film of our children playing in Sutton Park in the 1960's, we used to go there regularly. Unfortunately we can't view them any more. It would be a shame if they were just thrown away because they are a part of social history of the early 60's
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    Burlington street

    maz-beth Can you name the girl third from right in the front row? she looks very much like my daughter.
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    jennyann As a newbie to this forum I am still reading and catching up with so much nostalgia and finding posts that trigger so many childhood memories for me. I too went to Ann Harris's school of dance in the 1950's , she had a son and daughter if I remember rightly? My most enduring memories...
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    Upper Webster Street

    Welcome to the site Debbie. You will find this forum fascinating.
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    Well said.
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    Old street pics..

    :adoration: Love it!
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    Old street pics..

    I am sure that you do know what you are on about Phil.:friendly_wink: and it does sound grand.
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    Old street pics..

    Never boring Grandmaster Brummie. I never tire of looking at these fantastic pictures.........pure nostalgia.:adoration:
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    WWII Barrage Balloon Sites

    Only just found this thread. Brings back memories of watching the barrage balloon from our garden in Kingsbury Road Erdington.