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    Fish And Chip Shop Ickneild Street Springhill Birmingham 18 156z57

    The news agent opposite the library was owned by Billy Howard his parents used to run it for him he also had a news agents down spring hill near to the queen's head pub.Billy Howard was always smartly dressed and had a citreon ds 19.I worked for him as a paper boy.
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    St Marks Street.

    Thank you for your help much appreciated.
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    St Marks Street.

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    St Marks Street.

    Thank you Mike you have been a great help.
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    St Marks Street.

    Thankyou Thank you for the information much appreciated.
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    St Marks Street.

    Asking for a favour would anyone have a Ladywood map that shows house numbers particularly interested in 5/120 St marks street regards paddy.
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    Cant Find Photos Of A Street/rd ??

    Looking for any photos of Linwood cottages st Luke's road Highgate.
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    Pitt & Swatkins

    Hi Steph I am retired now when I left Pitt & Swatkins in1972 I went to work for post office telephones and worked there for nearly 40 years will always be grateful to Wilfred and Stan for taking me on after leaving school I have great memories of my time there.kind regards Patrick.
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    Pitt & Swatkins

    Hi Steph Thanks for getting back to me yes I remember Wilfred and Stan they gave me my first full time job after leaving school if Jeremy calls in can you say hello my name is Patrick Garland and thanks again for your replies.
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    Pitt & Swatkins

    hi Steph I worked at Pitt & Swatkins 1963 to 1972 I worked in the maker up shop along side Joe Allchurch Robert Hill and David Jones would love to know how Richard,Jeremy and Nicholas Swatkins are doing.
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    Looking For David Bisset.

    Looking for David Bisset mothers name Maureen lived in the Henley street, south road area around the late fifties.
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    Linwood Cottages St Luke's Road.

    Looking for photos of Linwood cottages.
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    Pitt & Swatkins

    Looking for people who worked here in the 1960's.