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Recent content by oldbrit

  1. oldbrit

    What type of motor cycle?

    It looks like a Canardly to me.
  2. oldbrit

    Occupations - Disappeared

    In Colorado we did have shoe repair shops but most have gone now
  3. oldbrit

    Occupations - Disappeared

    Cobblers, no one repairs holes in shoes anymore
  4. oldbrit

    Childhood Memories

    SO what is COKE not the drug type of course and was it as cheap as coal? Did it emit fumes and pollute like coal?
  5. oldbrit


    The late and great Graham Webb raced at SALFORD PARK in the 1960s does anyone have any photos of the track and the date that the track opened? All the photos that were on the post are not there anymore
  6. oldbrit

    Childhood Memories

    Not as messy as coal, but you are right took more time to get going
  7. oldbrit

    Childhood Memories

    I do remember that we switched from coal to coke at one time?
  8. oldbrit

    Tour de France 2020 - 107th. year

    Froome lost 11 min on first stage
  9. oldbrit

    Tour de France 2020 - 107th. year

    We went to Europe and rode all over and I did buy some Hutchison tubs in France cheap, they lasted a little longer, but I did not feel any real difference racing on them. My Dunlops rode fine, I used #2s for the track a few times, They had #1 silks also, but never could afford them.
  10. oldbrit

    Tour de France 2020 - 107th. year

    I always used Dunlops #3 had tons of them, would spend the dark winter nights fixing the bloody things for next season got pretty good with a curved needle, but sometimes Mom would help out HaHa!!
  11. oldbrit

    Old street pics..

    I am trying to find what year this photo of ME and MY sister Joan was taken, There is a TROLLEY BUS in the background what year is this bus? I was born in 1933 Joan 1936 I look about 5 years old could this have been taken that long ago poss 1938?
  12. oldbrit

    Jazz bands of Birmingham

    Loved Trad jazz and followed Hump during the 1950s. I was schooled in Classical music and really not a jazz player at all, my band played dance music, at many local pubs in the 1950s did well and had a good following, Colin Willets on piano went on to be well know and of course "Eddie" or "Ted"...
  13. oldbrit


    My Grandfather William (Wil) Crump and his deaf mute Brother, Frank Crump, worked there all their lives
  14. oldbrit

    Victoria Square

    In 1950 When I worked for William Bloye the sculptor, I carved the inscription on the plinth, not sure if it is the same plinth now as then. Bloye also recast the statue of Queen Vic she was missing her spectershe held at one time
  15. oldbrit

    Criminal Records