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  1. Old Boy

    Allen’s family of Deritend

    Hi Kaitlyn, Welcome to the Forum. However, please note that Deritend is one word not two as you suggest (Derit End }. Old Boy,
  2. Old Boy

    forelands hospital

    Hi All' Welcome Had Ken. Your father seems to have been a wonderful chap despite his disablement. Pity his escape did not get him very far but it seems that the food, at least improved as a result of his adventure. Where about in Brum did you live?. I was born and grew up in Small...
  3. Old Boy

    Birmingham Weston Road Workhouse & Cape Schools

    Hello Roger and a hearty welcome to The Birmingham History Forum. I well remember the football pitch within the grounds. I played for Birmingham (D Division) in the MIdland Police league whose matches were held in midweek. The home ground of C Division was the one at Dudley Road and we played...
  4. Old Boy

    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Hi All, We seem to be getting mixed up with this Police Ambulance Division nonsense. I joined Birmingham City Police in 1952. There were no police ambulances then and I am reasonably satisfied there never were. After all what is the point in having 2 ambulance services, in fact 3 if...
  5. Old Boy

    British Restaurants

    Hi All, The British Restaurants were always busy. Apart from anything else they supplemented the normal ration. The poor housewife who had to stay at home to look after the family was the one who suffered. Old Boy
  6. Old Boy

    Corporation Street/new Street

    When I served at Steelhouse Lane Police Station it was often said among ourselves that if you stood at the junction of Corporation Street and New Street for long enough you would see the entire population of Birmingham, Looking at the various photographs of this junction on different threads I...
  7. Old Boy

    Winter scenes posted by members

    Hi All, There are many lovely photographs on this thread but several show no indication of where they were taken. I look at a photo and think that looks a nice place but, without knowing where it is, I cannot persuade my daughter to take myself and the good lady for a personal view...
  8. Old Boy

    Evacuee Records For Canterbury Road School 1939

    Hi All, The evacuation started on Friday 1st September 1939. I was evacuated on that day to Evesham with other pupils from Waverley Grammar School. We had ,at the most, 48 hours notice. This was because Hitler, whose army had invaded Poland a short time before, had failed to respond...
  9. Old Boy

    North Western Arcade Windsor Arcade

    Hi Viv It is many years since I visited the North Western Arcade. I used the Victorian Restaurant whose main premises were on the first floor. This could only be reached by entering through the ground floor and climbing the stairs. As far as I am aware this was the case with all the...
  10. Old Boy

    Electric Trams

    Hi All, This tram thread has been most interesting. I have followed it from the beginning but am still unable to reach a firm conclusion. However, i am left with the question, "If it is a composite of 2 or more photographs what is the point of it ?" It would have been a good enough...
  11. Old Boy

    Scams Email & Telephone 2015 - 2019

    Today I have received an Email via Gmail but allegedly from the Birmingham History Forum to the effect that bazablue has replied to message from myself that I may well wish to read. It gives a so called link that does include Birmingham History Forum .The obvious thing would be to pass this to...
  12. Old Boy

    Old adverts from days gone by

    Hi All, It cannot be all that old as microwave ovens are very much post war. I imagine it was taken off the market very soon after it went on. Old Boy
  13. Old Boy

    Broad St

    Hi All, Does not the Hall of Memory deserve a thread of it's own? Otherwise it will get lost among the night clubs etc of Broad Street. Old Boy
  14. Old Boy

    Bull Ring until 1920s

    Hi All, Referring to the photo at 125 and Vivs' comment at 126 I think that this is a penny farthing cycle. I doubt if it belonged to the old chap leaning over the water trough however.. A pity that the back wheel is hidden by the trough . Old Boy
  15. Old Boy

    Acocks Green Station

    Thanks Bob. You certainly 'obfuscated' me. I had to resort to Google to see what it meant. I name you the BHF Scrabble champion for 2017 Old Boy