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Recent content by Oisin

  1. Oisin

    Nettlefolds Limited

    Yes, Winterbourne House and Gardens is well worth a visit and right on my doorstep. Tea on terrace is a very civilized, English way to spend a hot summer's afternoon.
  2. Oisin

    City Centre Photographs

    Strangely, my brother had both of those cars in the right of the photo, Vauxhall Velox and Hillman Husky, at different times.
  3. Oisin

    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    As a socialist I believe there are crackpots in every political party and in every office of the council.
  4. Oisin

    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    Should we be surprised if a crackpot project of a crackpot council has cracks in it?
  5. Oisin

    Great Hampton Row

    Ah, the Little Brown Jug! The only place you could get beer worse than there was just round the corner in the Pelican - Yuk!
  6. Oisin

    Cherry Street

    For some reason the street looks wider and I think Grenville's is a newspaper shop now.
  7. Oisin

    City Centre Photographs

    I think I knew them as BICC (British Insulated Callender Cables) whe I worked for Cannings, who supplied plant to them.
  8. Oisin

    Air raid shelters

    Ours was still in the garden when we left our Winson Green house in 1965. The concrete reinforced structure in my wife's aunt's Handsworth Wood garden is still there as far as I know. Attempts to demolish it proved too laborious.
  9. Oisin


    Yes, I remember that on the corner of Neveh Road and Soho Road - bit too straight laced for me to attend.
  10. Oisin

    C & A Modes Corporation street

    49/9!!! for a C&A suit (or is it just the jacket)? You're havin' a laff. Anyway, that geeza holding his cup out for more looks like he's had enough already.
  11. Oisin

    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    Ah, if only all the info was on the WWW, Google would be our best friend.
  12. Oisin

    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    I've been too busy sitting back with a smug look on my face to make any recent contribution to this thread but now I can't help commenting that I told you so. The project was flawed from conception.
  13. Oisin

    Bull Ring 1960s - 1980s

    That's an absolutely brilliant shot! Besides illustrating the era with the clothes and architecture, the two pairs have been cleverly captured in the same gait. I would be proud to be the author of that.
  14. Oisin

    Air raid shelters

    Nothing changes - look after the elite while the prols fry.
  15. Oisin

    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    Seems to me they just stumble from one disaster to another. How long, I wonder, before all the books are removed and the building taken over for an alternative purpose.