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Recent content by Novelty

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    Tamworth field trainspotting

    I too spent many hours spotting in the field at Tamworth in the early fifties. I caught a train from New Street which I think was a semi-fast to York and was originally hauled by a Saltley compound and later a Saltley Black Five. Coming back I caught a stopping Derby-Birmingham train normally...
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    The Victors film

    Those were my thoughts Dave but I am sure it's not an 'HA' registration. Regards David
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    The Victors film

    I was watching a 1963 film 'The Victors' starring Eli Wallach, George Hamilton & George Peppard and in one of the scenes Peppard as a G.I. was waiting for a bus somewhere in England outside a row of Victorian terraced houses and when the single decker arrived it had 'Midland' in big letters...
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    Lickey Hills

    Interesting to read about peoples experiences of the Lickey Hills. Living in Northfield as a boy I regularly visited the hills the only problem was on a summer Sunday, we couldn't get on the 70 Rednal tram (after 1952 the 62 on bus) because they were full up with passengers from the city so we...
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    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    Hallo John 70, yes that's the one I mean. Thans for that.
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    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    In the mid 1950's, once a week, I used to catch the Midland Red 120 bus from Bearwood to Oldbury and it always had a Guy with I think a Park Royal body, typical fleet no was I think 3565. They were very noisy and unlike the Birmingham Corpn. Guys had a crash gearbox. Anybody else remember them...
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    NewStreet Station 1854

    Here are a few photo's of New Street & Northfield stations taken with my 'Box Brownie' in the 1950's.Sorry for the poor quality but they may be of interest.
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    Sorry, Pantograph not Catenary, that was the name for the overhead wires.
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    Hallo Podgery, You are correct, trams did have one arm and trolley buses two, something to do with earthing as of course trolley buses had rubber tyres and trams steel wheels. Some trams had wooden seats but the later ones had upholstery. Trams on the Alum Rock routes had a catenary as those...
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    Hallo Ragga, picture 3 could be Bristol Street as the middle bus appears to have a fleet no beginning in 6 so could be 61, 62 or 63. The tall building in the mist behind the buses could be the clue.
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    Where in Birmingham was this taken ??

    Probably in Waverley Road, Small Heath.
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    It is a bread van.
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    Birmingham Trams

    I can confirm that whilst Cotteridge & Selly Oak Garages were being converted to bus operation, many trams were parked overnight in Pebble Mill Road and a one way system was in operation for the no. 36 trams travelling down this road, hence the crossover.
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    Enjoyed your latest photo's Ragga, particularly 2956 which I travelled on many times when it was at Selly Oak. Shame about the disfigurement brought about by the West Midlands PTE changes.
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    I think no. 1 picture is more likely to be Harborne.