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Recent content by norfolk brummie

  1. norfolk brummie

    Advertising in the past

    I remember tripe being a popular dish in the thirties, and forties. Quite often with onions, but my grandfather, in those days, ate it cooked in milk. If fact I also ate some tripe in those days. It was put on my plate, and I accepted it........not by choice though. Did not do me much...
  2. norfolk brummie

    Memories of a Birmingham Musician (Drummer)!

    Looking through some old photographs, I came across this. In the mid-seventies The Shadows represented the U.K in the Eurovision Song Contest. The drummer, my old pal, Brian Bennett, asked me if I could build a special drum kit for him. He wanted something different, and exciting. I knew that...
  3. norfolk brummie

    Birmingham (Industrial) Cooperative Society Shops

    A far more impressive, more appealing display, than any modern super-market. Eddie
  4. norfolk brummie

    Weather : past adverse weather in Birmingham

    . I have heard people moaning because this weather has hit us on the first of Spring. I look at that positively, Bob. Better now than at the start of January-February. I think we have got through the worst of the winter, with the lighter nights, and warmer days, just around the corner. Eddie
  5. norfolk brummie

    Weather : past adverse weather in Birmingham

    Catterick, and the moors, was good training Bob. January 1952. Bitterly cold, snow, ice, and split fingers. Eddie
  6. norfolk brummie

    Weather : past adverse weather in Birmingham

    I have been very considerate to my wife. I let her borrow my best spade when clearing the drive, and I let her take my car when she went shopping yesterday, which helped her to get back home though the heavy snow, in time to cook my dinner. As a big thank you, I let her watch her favourite TV...
  7. norfolk brummie

    Midland Counties Dairy

    Just had a telephone conversation with my lovely grand daughter. She said to me "it's very cold today, grand dad" I replied "No it is not" . I tried to explain to her that we used to call it cold when the M.C.D doorstep deliveries, had the top of the milk bottle pushed off, by the frozen milk...
  8. norfolk brummie

    Stratford Road

    Love the earlier view of the bridge at Camp Hill, the tram, the Shakespeare pub et-cetra (#134). In the late thirties, early forties, I remember the old L.M.S. locomotives travelling over that bridge, usually hauling wagons. The Ferodo Brake Linings sign was well known. My grandfather &...
  9. norfolk brummie

    Golden Hillock Road School

    I have received a few comments about my School Leaving Certificate, delighted to say, all nice, but I have been giving more thought about those days. Golden Hillock Road School was surrounded by industry, and my school friends, who left school that December, went straight into work, mainly...
  10. norfolk brummie

    Advertising in the past

    Oh dear ! What about this one.
  11. norfolk brummie

    Advertising in the past

    Here are a couple of advertisements that would not make it these days.
  12. norfolk brummie

    Golden Hillock Road School

    Just dug out my School Leaving Certificate, Still in its original brown envelope. Good final term, finishing 3rd out of 43 in exams. Also found an exam report where I finished 2nd out of 40. Not bad for someone who went to ten schools in ten years, even if I say so myself. Note the date...
  13. norfolk brummie

    The Great Western Railway

    I looked for a thread dedicated to the GWR, but surprisingly could not find one, although there are other ancillary threads about the GWR., i.e stations, lines et-cetera. I understand that the GWR always built their locomotives, with the steam engine driver to be located on the right side of...