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Recent content by negritaspider

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    Rachel Family History

    there is a "Rachel family" on ancestry, access to all available- with photos of Lily and all the children (none of which remain alive, unfortunately). Hope this helps.
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    ROBERTS, Thomas

    There is a "fletcher family" on Ancestry - not private - which fits the info you've given... hope this helps!
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    Me Dads old sayings

    - I think y'all realisethat I'm just back to this site (big grin!) Collars and cuffs, I think, come from the days when these were removable starched items.... and then translates to "White collar workers" workers in later years - am I correct??
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    Lost Photobucket Pics 'courtyards And Yards Of Brum'

    ....and then in the 1950's - am assuming it was a newly built area (to replace bombed houses?) Dart St - just down from the Brum City football club!!
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    Lost Photobucket Pics 'courtyards And Yards Of Brum'

    lovely looking thru these photos..... so am now hoping that there are still some photos around of the following(for my ancestry files!) - Trafalgar terrace, Latimer St (circa 1901), Owen St (Circa 1910), Brighton Terrace, Hope St (circa 1910-1920), Whitehead St (Circa 1920), Pickford St (Circa...
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    Birmingham in 1930s

    does anybody have an idea as to what the weekly widows pension (including 3 children) was in 1965???
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    John T Lorton Marriage 1962

    Many thanks, will give the link a try....
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    John T Lorton Marriage 1962

    Hello, Have found a marriage for John T Lorton to Ann Wormington in 1st Qtr 1962, Birmingham (volume 9c, page 995). As I am in Tunisia, can't order the cert.... Is there a chance that the next time someone passes to the Library, they could check out whatever further info is on the cert for me...
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    National Lorry Driver of the year Award - late '50's/early '60's................

    Hi Janice, The link you gve me for the Birmingham round in 1965.... dated 21st May. My dad died 23rd Aug that year - any idea who won? Many thanks! Barbara
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    National Lorry Driver of the year Award - late '50's/early '60's................

    OH YES, as was just trying to go to the photo - woudn't work!! Def my dad, thankyou!! Now got it!
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    National Lorry Driver of the year Award - late '50's/early '60's................

    WOW! Thanks Janice, yes - that's my dad, John Thomas Lorton!! I've tried to screen in on the photos of the newspaper page - but it won't work..... i think that the man shaking hands on the photo on the right is my dad... Any way you can post the actual photo for me????!!! He went, apparently...
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    National Lorry Driver of the year Award - late '50's/early '60's................

    Thanks all! I am looking for specifics, ie - WHEN was my father (surname Lorton) Lorry Driver of the year - the site given by Janice, many thanks for that - it was interesting!, only has headlines (unfortunately!)... My father died in 1965, so I know it was before then.... Can anyone try to...
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    National Lorry Driver of the year Award - late '50's/early '60's................

    Hi all, I have recently found out that my father was the regional winner for the Midlands - and went on to win the National Lorry Driver of the year award. This must have been very late '50's, or early '60's.... I think he was working for Dunlop at the time?? I've tried to find out info on this...
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    St Peter's Harborne Lookups

    Hi all (especially Shera, who has helped me so often in the past :-) ) Have a bit of a sticky one this time, methinks! I already have several threads concerning the Macquaker family - am trying to find who Alice is the daughter of... I came across a marriage (index card only) for Edmundus...
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    Bevington - 1932 Back of High St, Bordesley

    Sorry, just realised I've done an oopsy! Alice was of course on the 1935 electoral roll - hadn't read properly - Sorry Mike!