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    Rosie, thank you. The wife is so happy someone else remembers them! You are probably right about the bubble-gum and the years too (old grey matter gets a bit boggled!!!)She and her sister also collected the cups. Oh happy days. Would love to see a picture of them. Maybe that will come later...
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    Sweets We Used To Have

    Hi everyone. Picking up on this topic about sweets. Can anyone remember a little plastic cone shaped cup on a stand which had a three different fondant type filling and a bubble gum at the bottom? It also had its own little spoon attached on the side? My wife and her sister have been going nuts...
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    Looking for a print of Bull Ring by Robert Calvert

    Thank you very much for the reply BernardR.
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    Looking for a print of Bull Ring by Robert Calvert

    Has Taffysteve left this forum? Many thanks.
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    Conway School Sparkbrook

    Wish I had seen this thread earlier. I attended Conway Rd and in 1959 it was Conway Road Secondary Modern Girls School.
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    Birmingham Cinemas

    It has been interesting reading all the postings about cinemas. Would anyone out there happen to have worked at the Waldorf Cinema on Walford Road? Names I remember are: Mr Butler (lovely man) Mrs Lloyd (ditto) Murial, Malcolm, Gordon, Barry, Margaret, Dora, to name but a few. Would love to...
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    The War in Burma

    Hello David Weaver, how kind of you to reply with so much information and yes, please, I would be honoured to be in touch with the Chindit you mention and to have any information that would help me in my quest. Thank you so much for your mail, it means a lot. Best Wishes to you and yours. Mick.
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    The War in Burma

    I would be interested to know if anyone remembers my late father Herbert (Bert) Banks who hailed from Perry Common. He was a Chindit in Burma and he suffered along with the rest of them. Sadly, I never had or have found a photograph of my father and at my age now I hardly think I ever will, but...
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    Balsall Heath.

    Hi everyone, I find this topic very interesting. I lived in Highgate Street for many years (Tudor Place to be exact) and have fond memories of BH. Am trying to read all the postings on all the sites so it should keep me busy for a long time. Nice to be part of it all.