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Recent content by maypolebaz

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    Triplex Safety Glass, Kings Norton

    I worked there in '68, on the laminated curving furnaces. I remember a fire one night, in the area where the Concorde screens were stored. Word had it that somebody had sneaked in there for a kip and his cig had set light to some packaging.
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    Our childhood toys

    While in the army I was taught about "Crack Thump", as they called it. It was useful when trying to locate the geezer that was shooting at you.
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    Brittle family of Kings Heath

    That's Brian ! I'd forgotten he lived in Cotford Rd, (I lived round the corner, in Sladepool Farm Rd.).
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    Brittle family of Kings Heath

    I knew a Brian Brittle, back in the 50s. He was a couple of years older than me and went to Grendon Rd school at one time, that would suggest that he lived in the Warstock area.
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    Maypole Memories

    Cotford Rd mate, not Cotfold.
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    Ritz Dance Hall Kings Heath.

    I share the guilt on this one. Sorry about that.
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    Bus Tokens

    How strange ! I went to Wheelers Lane School, (mid-50s), and we used KH baths.
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    Ritz Dance Hall Kings Heath.

    Yes, most of my young and teenage days. As well as playing there we used to cut across across to "The Prince" and over The Stiles, over Berry Mound, the sandpits and down to the aqueduct. We were very lucky in those days, living where we did, loads of fields to run around in. When I was a kid...
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    Ritz Dance Hall Kings Heath.

    Close ! I grew up in Sladepool Farm Rd, the Highters Heath end. From my bedroom window I could look up Aldbury Rd.
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    Ritz Dance Hall Kings Heath.

    I have'nt driven through KH since the mid-90s, sounds like a bit of a challenge now ! Where, on the Maypole border, did you live, Terence ?
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    The experience of children in Britain

    It opened OK for me too. I have vivid memories of those respirators, the Mickey Mouse one for me and the baby model for my brother.
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    Your oldest domestic tool

    I have a dinner knife that was among my mother's cutlery. It is stamped "V(crown)R, WILSON, 60, KING St MANCHESTER." It's either from my Gran or G/Gran and very sharp !
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    Your Claim To Fame

    Not so much a Claim to Fame as a near miss. The first London Marathon came through Woolwich Barracks and among the runners was Jimmy Saville, resplendent in a gold lame track suit. He waved at me (gulp !) but looking back he was probably waving at my young son who was with me !
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    RBL Poppy Appeal Centenary, Spirits of Freedom

    Anybody else on here who also cancelled their membership ?
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    Nice area that. My parents lived just down the road, in Wilmcote.