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Recent content by Mayfield

  1. Mayfield

    10 Years Wow!

    Happy Joinday Frothy
  2. Mayfield

    Brougham Street, Lozells

    Hi Dave - long time since we last spoke. Have you retired yet? Hope you are well? Keith (Mabz)
  3. Mayfield

    It's Astonesses (lyn's) Birthday !

    Happy belated birthday Lyn - hope your day went well? Lots of love Lyn - Keith x
  4. Mayfield

    Lest We Forget Truck

    A work of art Frothy.
  5. Mayfield

    Robert Peel Statue Birmingham

    Slightly off thread but Sir Robert Peel is buried in the church opposite my house in St Peters Church, Drayton Bassett. Its worth a visit to see his grave. Mayfield
  6. Mayfield

    Ray Barrett

    It's always sad to hear that one of our forum friends has passed away. Rest in peace Ray
  7. Mayfield

    Harry lucas school

    Thanks Lyn - all those years ago....... You was like a rose between two thorns
  8. Mayfield

    Harry lucas school

    Mac - Dave is living down south on the coast now. He was a great lad with a weird dress sense and a bit of a science geek. I didn't know that about Dave and Suchy though. Lyn and I met up with him a few years ago while he was in Brum. He visits the site occasionally - try sending him a IM...
  9. Mayfield

    Bhf 15th Birthday Meet Up

    Lyn - I will be attending and who knows, I might at last win a prize on the raffle? Mabz
  10. Mayfield

    The Great War Of Civilisation Medal

    This forum is absolutely great. Thank you all so much Mabz
  11. Mayfield

    The Great War Of Civilisation Medal

    That is really interesting as I purchased it off someone from Tamworth so it hasn't travelled far? Thank you both so much - Janice hopefully the information that you provided might help someone identify their late relative? Thanks. Mabz ☺
  12. Mayfield

    The Great War Of Civilisation Medal

    Hi everyone - I recently picked up a Great War for Civilisation (Victory Medal) off an auction site which unfortunately isn't in the best of condition. I am intrigued as to the person who was awarded this medal as he would have seen active duty in order to be awarded it. The name on the rim...
  13. Mayfield

    Harry lucas school

    Mac - If I recall correctly, wasn't the P.E teachers name Mr Shearer? Acka
  14. Mayfield

    Harry lucas school

    I thought Mr Dunne was a great physics teacher. He was young and adopted a 'less formal - non conformist' method of teaching which gave me a love of physics that proved valuable to me later in my professional career. We (5th year) were allowed to call him Mick while in the science lab'...
  15. Mayfield

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    Nice photographs Lyn - I wish I had a friend like yours.....