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    Birmingham Photos - Help & Expertise Needed Please.

    I believe that Robert Peel MP was outside the council house before it was removed to Tally Ho Pershore road.
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    P.C. David Green

    I was a Constable at Queens Road from 1979 to 1986. At that time the firearms training unit was based there. I was told the story of the shooting by Sergeant 5345 Frank Brown. He joined 1963. I believe that I met Tom Somerville because Frank told me the tale how it all occurred by the Manor...
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    West Midlands Police 1974 Onwards

    On the left PC Debbie Menzel Right Vanessa Carroll RIP (tragically died serving with the united nations police force in bosnia)
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    Canterbury Road Police Station

    Have a look on street view !!!
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    P.C. David Green

    I was standing in the 33 Bus queue outside the Odeon New street cinema that evening having just put a girlfriend her bus outside Bogarts. Three lads ran up from high street past boots and went down towards corporation street. There was commotion coming from High street. The lads were " shorty...
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    P.C. David Green