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  1. Malcog

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Yes, went there in 1974 and 1975 when I was a greaser ! Great times, great days, running down New St with loads of mad bikers !
  2. Malcog

    Ionic Plating Works

    I was a buyer at Kalamazoo in late 70s early 90s, used to send parts for ledgers to be plated at Ionic. Even in 1982 lots of companies bought Kalamazoo ledgers to hold their accounts !
  3. Malcog

    Hardy Spicers Ltd

    My company runs the software for GKN Driveline, we knew the plans of the parent company. when the asset stripper Melrose bought GKN the writing was on the wall. First GKN Aerospace in Kings Norton (was Triplex) was closed, and next is Erdington which has a valuable asset - land for new houses !
  4. Malcog

    Edgar Vaughan & Co, Birmingham 4

    They were in Legge St. Aston opposite Midland Counties Dairy. They had a factory in Trafford Park, Manchester, where the cutting oils and fluids were made from oils delivered by boat along the Manchester Ship Canal. They became Houghton Vaughn in the 1980s when they merged with Houghtons from...
  5. Malcog

    Yenton Junior School

    I went to Yenton Junior from 1963 to 1967, they were my happiest school days. Final year in 4.1 with Mr Harbach.
  6. Malcog

    Marsh Hill Boys Grammar Tech School

    I would'nt cross Crippen ! To give him his due he taught us A level students well in the sixth form, I have to appreciate that these teachers gave me a sound education that eventually ended in a science Honours degree.
  7. Malcog

    Guided buses Tracline 65

    Yes, the trees are back
  8. Malcog

    Erdington old buildings

    The shop on Gravelly Lane with the tower above used to be Tower Cycles. Run by Alan Richards (and his mum) it was a great shop, selling lightweight bike components to racing folks, and bikes and hardware, and, strangely enough, paraffin ! (Esso Blue)
  9. Malcog

    Lucas Labs Research & Development

    I worked at a company taken over by TRW in 1998, we eventually ended up at the back of an office by Dog Kennel Lane on the old Lucas Shirley site. We were sold off by TRW/Grumman in 2003. I drove past last week, and most of the buildings at the Shirley site are being demolished, there are...
  10. Malcog

    Pype Hayes Park

    We used to live in a prefab next to Pype Hayes park, what a great time I had playing with my friends and exploring the park. Its hard to believe now but at 5 years old we would wander all round the park and the only worry was getting home late or with wet feet when I would get a telling off !
  11. Malcog

    Bob Wilson’s Fun Fair

    I think it was Bob Wilsons funfair that used to come to Pype Hayes park when we lived in the prefab. It was great because I could watch all the rides being built from the back garden.
  12. Malcog

    Tyburn House Entertainment

    Used to go to the Tyburn in the early 70s, especially Friday nights when there was a reggae disco on.
  13. Malcog

    Hare and Hounds, Kingstanding

    My friend used to live by the bus stop (number 357 I think) just up the road and we often had a couple op pints in the Hare & Hounds in the 70s. He used to call it the spew and bucket, but then it seemed a decent pub.
  14. Malcog

    Guided buses Tracline 65

    The central reservation along Streetly Road had lovely trees that were all cut down to put that stupid tracline in.
  15. Malcog


    I met my wife in the 72 building in 1976, I worked at Kalamazoo until 1986, happy days.