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    Yardley Primary Church Road School

    Sorry that you didn't recall any of the names I mentioned.Have just remembered that Brian's surname was Fellows. John Last had a brother,possibly called Peter.
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    Yardley Primary Church Road School

    Hi, Ian I lived at 93 Gilbertstone Avenue next door but one to John Last. we were always over the park sliding down the dells ! still have a scar on my leg after crashing into a tree on a sledge one snowy day.We were always out and about,just went home when we got hungry,times are so different...
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    Yardley Primary Church Road School

    interesting to read your post. I attended Church road School from 1942-1948. My name then was Margaret Wilson, and I lived in Gilbertstone Avenue.
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    Fernhurst Road Alum Rock

    hi James,how long ago did your grandad live there ? I have a relative in Fernhurst road ,but she has only been there for 16 years. Margaret.
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    Christmas 2012 at the Jewellers Arms

    My daughter and I managed to attend a meet up for the first time ,and were able to put some names to faces at last ! Did not expect such a large turnout ,and popped out to a nearby jewellers for christmas gift intending to return for some of the lovely food.however when we got back there were no...
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    Cockshut Hill School

    Not me Dave.I did not live at that address, and when I was at Cockshut Hill the boys and girls school were seperate ! Margaret.
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    Cleaver Kate nee Davis

    Re: Kate Cleaver nee Davis Hi Kevin Kate Cleaver nee Davies was my great grandmother.My gran (Eva Hannah Kate Cleaver ) was your nans sister. Aunt Pem was at my wedding in 1958 !I met Kath the only surviving si ster last year and we had quite a chat .Its a small world ,it turned out that my mum...
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    Gupwell Look ups please

    I worked in the accounts dept at A J gupwell from 1973 until it closed in 1982.I knew Peter and Mr Reg. as he was known to the staff. Happy days, it was a great place to work,am still in touch with former employees. Margaret.
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    The brownie guide pack of birmingham

    I was Tawny Owl for one of the three St. Michaels Church brownies.One pack at the Church,one i think was at Gilbertstone school,and my pack at Lyndon green school.One of my daughters was in my pack. This was in the early seventies. My youngest grandaughter has recently been enrolled and loves...
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    Cattell Road between the Atlas and Arsenal St

    Kim, thanks for your reply.Les Kane would have been about twenty in the 50s. Margaret.
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    Cattell Road between the Atlas and Arsenal St

    Kim, in the 1950s one of the crowd I went dancing with lived somewhere round there.His name was Laurence(les) Kane. Any relation?
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    Church Road, Yardley.

    dwilly ,thanks for showing this.I have enjoyed a trip down memory lane!The swan picture showing Harriss outfitters where mom used to take us,the Hardings cart taken in Rowlands rd or Manor House Lane judging by the house style,and the tivoli and Sheldon cinemas which were a big part of my...
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    Cockshut Hill School

    J ohn, I got to speak to your sister Joan last night.She could not remember me or any of my school friends so think she was not in my class after all,just my year. The only girl we both remembered also lived in Moat Lane. Margaret
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    Cockshut Hill School

    I did John,would walk home up Moat Lane,then Rowlands Rd on way home from school.It was quicker to go via Ollerton Rd and garretts green lane in the morning though! Margaret.
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    Cockshut Hill School

    Yes, John I lived in Gilbertstone Avenue off Coventry Road.