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    Chance Glass Factory

    My Gt Gt Grandfather William Blackhall ( an ex soldier and Irishman) was Night Watchman there in the mid 1800's until his death in 1867 - some of his offspring worked there as well as glass blowers/ labourers etc... Fanatstic place - made the glass for the conservatory at Witley Court - and...
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    Rubery Hill Asylum/hospital

    Hi I have been trying to locate admission details/info for a relative , Charles Clarence Paddock , who spent 50 years (1924 -1974) as a patient in Rubery Hill Hospital - last few years as a transfer patient to Hollymoor Hospital . Armed with Charles death certificate I contacted Birmingham...
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    Prior to the late 20's it was the lovely old Hip bath for full ablutions and the pitcher and ewer for the daily necessities! The later provided discreetly each day by an unseen maid and the former brought up via the 'dumb waiters' or service lifts then the client alerted when all was ready
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    Will scan in the next day or so - on shifts at work til day off on Monday, Viv.
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    Give me day or two - to locate, scan and uploafd, My mother was Nancy May Bissiker (bn 1920) and my father was Richard Healy (bn1916) a little Irishman
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    My mother met my father here in the late 1930's - I have a faded but very evocative photograph taken in the Ball Room of a Staff party dating form the late 30's- reminds me of The Shining!!!
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    Perry William aka The Tipton Slasher

    Also see British newspapers Archive : Sheffield Independent 11th Feb 1870 - citing The Newcastle Chronicle: QUOTE: "We have information from Wolverhampton which proves without doubt theperson now inGateshead Workhouse who asserts he is 'The Tipton Slasher' is not the individual he represents...
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    Perry William aka The Tipton Slasher

    Re: William Perry aka The Tipton Slasher Hello All After considerable research, I have unearthed an APOLOGY dated 20th February 1870 printed in the REYNOLDS NEWSPAPER ( please see British Newspapers on line) " A CONTRADICTION - WE ARE REQUESTED TO STATE THAT THE REPORT WHICH APPEARED IN OUR...