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    Greenway Street, Small Heath

    Couple of pictures from my late Dad to those interested in Greenway Street - Don Stockton with my Gran Lizzie Humphries. She and husband Bill kept a shop a few doors up from Stocktons. A 1925 Calendar from Williams' Electric Laundry. Dad's Gran Mary Ann McNab was Manager there.
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    Floyer Road VJ Day Party 1945

    VJ Party 1945 Floyer Road - this was at the junction with St Benedict's Road.
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    I do like looking at these.
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    Greenway Street, Small Heath

    My Great Gran MaryAnn McNab was the Manageress of the Williams Steam Laundry and my Gran and Grandad owned the shop just by. Gerald Humphries.
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    Apple Tart Shop Greenway Street

    Williams Electric Laundry - this was just up from Stockton's Apple Tart Shop. Here is my Great Grandma Mary Ann McNab (Sambrook) who was Manager there when this picture was taken. My dear sister in New Zealand has the name plate of the laundry.
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    Apple Tart Shop Greenway Street

    Hi Nick. Yes there was a Barbers' shop. It had been there a long time and my Dad was a lather boy there as a lad! The 'shop' was an 'open all hours' and I don't think Gran and GDad ever took a holiday in 30 years. GDad even used to open on Christmas morning! I still have some things from the...
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    Apple Tart Shop Greenway Street

    Stockton's in Greenway Street was known as the Apple Tart Shop and I used to get sent there as a nipper by my Gran Lizzie Humphries, who kept a shop a few doors up, to get Bread Pudding. Here is a picture of her with Don Stockton. Thanks to Mary M. Donoghue's wonderful book Smells of Childhood...
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    Greenway Street, Small Heath

    Bill Humphries who had the shop was my Grandfather and my Dad was born at 12 Greenway Street.
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    Greenway Street, Small Heath

    I have just revisited your thread and realised that your Martin family are relatives of mine via Gwendoline McNab who married Victor Martin. I have many photos of them and likely some of his family. Please contact me if I am correct and I can send you stuff. Regards -
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    Coastal Command - the forgotten ones

    My father was a Navigator in a Short Sunderland during the war. He only spoke of it in the two years before he died recently at the age of 92. On one mission his aircraft was attacked by German Junkers and badly damaged. He was burnt by melting rubber from burning cables and only then did I see...