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    Last Issue

    Thank you for that Lyn, I didn't know and it's sad news. Like you, I feel privileged to have had an article accepted and printed in the October issue (My Nan and Grandad's photo on the bottom left of the cover in Gina's post) I will be sad to see it go.
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    Hi Elmdon Boy, yes, thats Sheaf Lane. Attached is more of the 1937 map which might help.
  3. lindyloo


    Hi Elmdon Boy, I'm not sure if anyone has answered your query, but I was looking at this myself today and I believe the Post Office would have been where the precinct is now, not far from the old Municipal Bank site. I will attempt to add a picture.. the top map being 1937 and having the Post...
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    Hi OldBrummie, it's been a while since I was last on here, but I've recently been taking another look at your query. The building that was opposite your house, figures on all the maps that I have access to, since, at the earliest, 1888, and it does look like it could have been a farm, but it is...
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    Hi jukebox, The Music Box was 2327 Coventry Road in 1959.. I dont recall a Music Shop in the row of shops that you described.. but I can try and check. What year range would that have been ?
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    Hi badpenny, regarding your query about the Italian restaurant, it is still there but it has been altered building wise and is now La Caverna Restaurant and Hotel.. as far as I know it is no longer run by the people that were there for many years. I believe those people now have an Italian...
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    Hi oldsheldonian, badpenny, mikejee and Astoness, Sorry for the delay in replying.. Thank you all so much for your help with the Sheldona and The Ship, it is most appreciated. When I looked at these a long time ago, I had decided that the Sheldona Cafe was by the Wheatsheaf but I hadn't worked...
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    Hi oldsheldonian, badpenny and mikejee :) Thank you all so much for your replies, I will sit and study them and reply later, but meantime, here is a picture of The Sheldona Cafe.
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    Hi oldsheldonian, I'm not sure if we get notified either, but I have had problems with my emails today, so I haven't looked, however, Ive kept this thread open and updated on my pc to look for a reply :) this is the first opportunity Ive had to reply though. Thank you for your wonderful...
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    Hi oldsheldonian, Thank you so much for posting your wonderful pictures !! especially the last two which I have not seen before. I have always wondered what the Coventry Road looked like before the precinct was built, and your last photo helps tremendously. I wonder if you could help with a...
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    Yardley Road School Marlborough Road School

    Sorry for the delay in spotting your post Vivienne... Thank You so much for sharing the wonderful photograph.. it is most appreciated. Would you mind if I took a copy of it ?
  12. lindyloo

    Gt Grandad lived bk of 408 Coventry Road in 1901

    Hi bhatti, Sorry for the delay in replying, Yes, Victoria Park is Small Heath Park as far as I know.
  13. lindyloo

    Northwood Street Track

    Kelly Directory 1908, 1915 and 1940, Hyde Bros. & Timings, galvanizers &c 1899, Hyde Bros, iron plate workers
  14. lindyloo

    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    Hi, I'm not sure if I have this in the right context, but I saw this a couple of weeks ago in Sheldon, I was so pleased that I managed to get my phone out in time to take the shot. It brought back many memories of travelling too and from my Nan and Grandads in Rubery many years ago.
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    Pinfold House.Mansfield Rd. Yardley

    It's been a while since this was last commented on, but I actually looked up P A Leonard today, he was in the Kelly's Directory of 1940 Mansfield Road, a Motor Engineer. The P stood for Percy.