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    Kent Street North,Hockley

    Thanks for the info gingerjon, I will have a good look at the site.
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    Kent Street North,Hockley

    5 years ago visiting from Australia I paid a visit to Kent Street North to see the area my mother was born in.(I also went on the Outer Circle excursion with the forum.........highly recommended to members if it is organised again). I am looking for help from members as I have spent hours...
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    Finnemore help please

    About 1960 I played football for the 68th company Boys Brigade at the Baptist church in Great Barr. On a Saturday lunch time a mate and myself had arrived early at playing fields tucked away off Aldridge Road opposite the Boars Head to mark out the pitch.This posh car maybe a roller arrived and...
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    Dr Simon(corner of Aylesbury Cres & Warren Farm Road) in Kingstanding was my doc when I was born but what I remember most was he scared me half to death when ever I had to go to see him.There must be plenty on the forum who had him as their family doctor as his practice went for nigh on half a...
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    Pines Express 1950's

    This thread has brought back many childhood memories.In the late 50's early 60's any number up to 2 dozen kids would meet in Perry Hall park and alternate from playing soccer to our daily dose of train spotting.We always new the time to break off the soccer and head for the rail line to see what...
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    I believe my late uncle Joe Sedgley worked for many years for the GEC/Parsopns.I have browsed through the posts on this thread but have found no mention to his name.Anyone have any recollections of him and also what sort of work he was engaged in.
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    Birmingham Parish Records online

    Try writing to Witton cemetery......I did and got a nice reply with locations for my family's gravesites.
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    Where did you live

    Born at 40 Scarsdale Road,Great Barr,1947 Emigrated to Melbourne,Australia 1965 Returned 1967 to avoid Vietnam draft Lived Aldridge Road,Great Barr 1967 Lived Hawthorn Road,Kingstanding 1968 Returned 1968 to Australia.
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    White House Perry Beeches

    My mom and dad moved into their new Scarsdale Road house in 1937. A tale my father relayed to me was that he had visited the "White House" prior to then and found an office worker in a tizz. She apparently had been paid cash which my father confirmed were counterfeit.He checked all her coins and...
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    Birmingham focal points 2013 - 2019

    Interesting to see the photo footage.Three years ago on a visit from Oz to home I took a photo for sentiment of the Bull Ring from just about the same spot as that in post #12. I was promptly swooped upon by 2 and later a 3rd security guy, saying photography is a big no no.A sign of the times I...
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    Coffey Mick

    The Coffeys were still in Scarsdale Road 3 years ago when I made a visit from Australia.I did not get to see Dave but I had a chat with his elder brother John.
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    Coffey Mick

    Are you any relation to the Coffey family from Scarsdale Road.I grew up and worked with Dave Coffey at the Dairy in the 1960's.Dave worked there many years.......a lot longer than I did.
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    Thanks for putting the photos back on Phil...getting a lot of enjoyment from them.The second photo in post 1108(College Rd) is well before I was born.Can any one tell me if the church spire is the one in Witton Cemetary.If not can someone enlighten me where it was taken from.
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    Listing of Players

    Although PeterV put his post on over 6 years ago I think my info is relevent. I was at Villa Park the day Alan Deakin and Denis Law faced each other.As I remember the incident Deakin had played Law off the park and after another hefty but fair slide tackle Law turned to Deakin who was on the...
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    Beeches pub

    Its ironic that although I lived in Scarsdale Road, a 5minute walk away I never once stepped through its front door.I had plenty of pints(glad to say not on one night) at the Old Horns,The Towers,Tennis Courts,Church Tavern,Boars Head,Golden Hind and used the Drakes Drum as my local.Cheers