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  1. lencops

    Faccino's Biscuits - Bromford Lane?

    I remember the factory a modern type factory stoppped making biscuits circa 1965 and started making barfeeds for machines which they had done in Coventry they went bust on that and again in in Little Bromford Lane they returned to Military Uniforms Making and are making it a good business. Len
  2. lencops

    Beddows Family

    Beddows ran a fish and chip shop at the big traffi island in Hay Mills, it was famous customers came from miles away, i think this is part of the same family. Len.
  3. lencops

    Tew & Pack Coasch Builders - Bell Barn Road

    tew and pack coachbuilders birmingham, searchng for info Len.
  4. lencops

    Shops in parlours

    My Mother opened a shop in the parlour (front room) the year i was born 1929 to 1966 she had to close in 1966 because of the building of the Swan Underpass, i have a photo of Mom in the shop which i will post, Len.
  5. lencops

    the gaiety cinema coleshill st

    My friend John was the son of Mrs Stevenson the caretaker of Handsworth Dairies, circa 1953? does any one remember her?. Len.
  6. lencops

    Handsworth Dairies

    My friend John Stevenson lived there, he was married at St Andrews Church, Small Heath then we went by private Corporation bus to the reception at Handsworth Daries, his Mother Mrs Stevenson RIP was the Caretaker of the dariy circa 1953?. Len
  7. lencops

    Council housing estate within College Rd Kingstanding Rd and Hawthorne road triangle

    Re: Council housing estate within College Rd Kingstanding Rd and Hawthorne road trian I always called it "The Pheasy Estate", the part built buildings were used as an American Forces base during WW2. Len.
  8. lencops

    Unknown Theatre In Broad St

    I think it was called "The Palace of Varietys" and it became the BBC Radio Studios were the "Send for Paul Temple" Programmes were broadcast from. Len.
  9. lencops

    Key Hill Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions

    Can you confirm if this is Alfred Birds grave, it seems to be in needs of some TLC, Please?. Len.
  10. lencops


    Harris & Sheldon Shopfitters, occupy the buildings on the site fronting the Woodcock Lane canal /The Avenue corner, Lesleys fuel suppliers was there but have been gone a few years now it is now a car wash, H & S did hire canal barges ( all mod cons!) for holidays but had to give up because...
  11. lencops

    Universal Engineering Co

    Universal Engineering Company, they were a London Co and came to Birmingham and built some cars circa 1914/ 1916, if find any more info i will pass it on. Len.
  12. lencops

    loveday st medical records

    Loveday Street Maternity Hospital Birmingham History The Birmingham Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary for the diseases of Women and Children was formed in 1842, and was originally located in St. Mary’s Square, but moved a year later...
  13. lencops

    Painting restoration & framing in Brum?

    There is a photo framing and accesorey shop on Coventry Rd (A45) L/Hand side going towards the City between Gilbertstone Avenue & The Spice Store?, they may be able to help or take it to Biddles Auction Rooms and ask for their advice. Len.
  14. lencops

    Lucas Shaftmoor Lane Branch Works 3

    Hi Jim, Remember both of them, when Alan Saville came into BW5 Works Engineers we all had pieces of Red Card and would shout Off!, Off! at him, his language was colourful!!!. Len. Photos-Alan Saville is on the Lucas Volenteer Fire Land Rover. And even this pic of The Causway has gone now. Len,
  15. lencops

    Lucas Shaftmoor Lane Branch Works 3

    Good Morning Jim, You were on the same work bench as Jack Poole and me, just a baby to me and Jack!!! Cheers Len. Photos from your time in Brum.