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    Hello again - you certainly have a lot of pubs. Is the Bell Inn still in existence with its bowling green ? I used to live near there many years ago and had a friend who lived at the old vicarage next door when the Rev Harvey Clark was vicar. I believe the Bishops' Croft House is still in...
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    No I didn't know that either but I have heard that the Huntsman (was the Kings Arms) is falling apart !!. So where are people having their pints these days ? KINS
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    My great grandfather, Mr. Joseph Whitehouse owned 66 and 68 High Street, Harborne in about 1895 if not before. The original two houses were number 46 and 48 but were re-numbered post 1908. They were originally named St. Margaret's and St Winifred's. These houses were extended to become...
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    Hello again Janice I know that some of the family were buried at St Joseph's Nechells but when I visited a while ago I only found one gravestone and the cemetery was in a poor state generally. I believe a new road was made near that site so perhaps the graves were removed. Also some of the...
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    Thank you Janice for the information. I had the feeling I would have to attend St Chad's Archives which I shall not be able to do. However, perhaps I can ask someone on the website you gave to find the information for me as long as it is safe and not too expensive !! KINS
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    i have come to a halt in my research of my grt. grt. grandfather DOB about 1811, marriage about 1830, and DOD uncertain. I believe him to be a Catholic and, therefore, any Parish Records are presumably unavailable unless able to visit St. Chad's Archives. I live in Devon and am unable to...
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    St Joseph's Nechells Lookups

    Hi I have just found this thread and am wondering if anyone has got any further with their research. As I do not now live in Birmingham I am unable to go to visit St. Chad's for any information. A while ago I visited St. Joseph's graveyard but only found one of my family's graves although...
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    Occupations Of The Past

    Many thanks for all your helpful comments and I will get more info. from my friend and see what I come up with after that. KINS
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    Occupations Of The Past

    A friend is researching her family tree and has found details of her great, great, grandfather which on the census reads as "Samish Manufacturer". Does anyone know what that was? Perhaps it is a mis-spelling on the census form but any suggestions would be a help. Cannot find any info. on...
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    I lived just off St Peter's Road near the Church from 1939 to 1961 but I don't remember a family named Millington. Incidentally, I was a very regular customer at Baughan's sweet shop - a very friendly family. KINS
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    Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

    I have been quickly through these threads and am disappointed that there seems not to be a mention of Kings Norton Grammar School for Girls. I was there from 1949 - 1955. KINS
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    Past Holidays In Woolacombe

    Hi fellow members I couldnt resist reading all the comments from far and wide regarding Woolacombe and surrounding beautiful beaches. We moved to this area 10 yearsa ago now from Worcstershire and love it here.We live nearer to Croyde than Woolacombe and family live at Combe Martin...
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    Items that have faded away

    I have been enjoying your threads on secretarial work and typewriters and agree with you what a difference to nowadays with computers - our work would have been done much quicker. I used to work for an Architect typing out pages and pages of specifications with about four copies with carbon...
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    Edward Smith , High Street, Erdington

    Hi bewdley; You really have been working hard for me. In actual fact I know that Sarah A registered as "Mother" on the 1911 census is Hannah's mother and the Sarah I am "investigating" became my adoptive grandmother in 1919 and I am presuming Edward and Sarah were married after Hannah's...
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    GRO Certificate Reference numbers

    Hi Amanda, Shortie and Polypops; Firstly many thanks to you all for your help and tomorrow I will set about downloading the form and going ahead from there - it sounds as though they are very helpful and I must admit I would rather pay by cheque than card. Incidentally Amanda, I also lived...