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Recent content by Kevkonk

  1. Kevkonk

    Mr Dixie, pub singer

    One of my neighbours used to be a pub singer in the 60s and I wondered if anybody else can remember him. I remember him singing ‘You Can’t be true to Two ’ once in the Royal Oak in Erdington one Sunday afternoon.
  2. Kevkonk

    summer lane morgue

  3. Kevkonk


    Did any Kirbys marry into Moore family?
  4. Kevkonk


    Were there any Kirbys called Sheila?
  5. Kevkonk


    I am not sure, but there was a family, who may be connected, I knew their son, who was sadly killed in an incident / at the Boers Head pub in the 80s.
  6. Kevkonk


    Probably have, but I think we had somebody from the Kirby family live near us in the 60s and 70s in Perry Common, but it may have been Kirkby.... or different spelling, but this person used a different surname for certain reasons..
  7. Kevkonk


    Really, can you explain more please, interesting
  8. Kevkonk

    Great Uncle who served in WW1

    I wondered if there was a way to find out any information on my great uncle who was a soldier in WW1. Anything about his life in general as I was told many times I was like him. I note that we are nearing the June 28th 1914 Assassination anniversar. I did some googling and know that he was...
  9. Kevkonk


    Interesting Newtons information from WW2 - https://www.staffshomeguard.co.uk/DotherReminiscences38Astaffshg.htm
  10. Kevkonk


    Hi,I just noticed your comment. I knew a lady who worked at the GEC who had a stepbrother who also worked there as an accountant
  11. Kevkonk

    Witton Cemetry

    Hello all, Just mentioning I had to arrange a funeral very recently where there was a family plot unused since 1942/3, there was a charge of £1156 to open the grave etc, is this normal, how much would a new plot have cost elsewhere, just wondering.......
  12. Kevkonk

    Old street pics..

    Just looking at the Gravelly Lane photo, is that really Station Rd on the left?
  13. Kevkonk

    Lessar Brothers Hylton St Hockley

    https://www.facebook.com/LessarBrothers I think somebody has started a Lessar Brothers Page on Facebook.
  14. Kevkonk

    Courtyards and yards of brum

    Some great pictures here, the courtyards take me back, we lived in Taylor Street. I remember that somebody in our courtyard had recently got married or something and had a terrible fatal crash on the newly opened motorway, I understand they were driving a mini, it made the headlines,
  15. Kevkonk

    Warren Farm High School Dulwich Road Secondary School

    Hi, I was just on Facebook, there is a 'Kingstanding 1950's onwards' page, there are some really great pictures there. This may already have been mentioned, but I thought I would mention it just in case.