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  1. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    Hi Mal,had no problem remembering you and your family. You got my mom's name right too,it was Joyce. I married in 1975 and moved out to Sutton Coldfield. Life has had it's usual ups and downs but that's what keeps us on our toes,overall though good. It was really good to hear from you and I will...
  2. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    More than enough clues ! Malcolm Sadler. So many years! I remember swapping Batman comics with you. It's good to hear from you,I hope that you are keeping well. Are you still in the Birmingham area ? I drove through Small Heath several years back and hardly recognized it,not much of the area we...
  3. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    Go on then,give me some clues. I'm intrigued now :):)
  4. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    I am indeed
  5. keegs

    Products That Have Faded Away

    It was called a "Stretch Monster",with the green goo inside that leaked eventually.They are worth quite a lot now in good condition.
  6. keegs

    Hockley 1957

    Walpamur-The name was made up from the "Wall Paper Maunufacturers" name.
  7. keegs

    virus alert

    I get the same message too.
  8. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    This photo of the Royal George,on the corner of Tilton Rd and Garrison Lane has been on the site before,but lost due to hacking,i think
  9. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    Thnks for posting the outdoor photo.brings back memories of playing on that wooden trapdoor.
  10. keegs

    Tilton Road bordesley green

    Hi,we lived at number 45,pretty much opposite the entrance to the Blues ground.
  11. keegs

    Birmingham Pubs

    Loved it in there. every tuse & thurs night.Supposed to be in the Tavern on that dreadfull night in'74. but went here first.we usually did it the other way round,still dont know why Fate i guess !
  12. keegs

    Wartime Yardley

    Dave, It's little stories like that bring history to life.This is such a great site. Keegs
  13. keegs

    bomb damage photos

    A couple more clippings. Sparkhill and Holloway Head.
  14. keegs

    bomb damage photos

    Temple Row,near the Leicester Building Society office.After the Oct 18th 1940 air raid.
  15. keegs

    bomb damage photos

    Near the Mermaid Inn on the Stratford Road 18th Oct 1940