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Recent content by Katrina

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    Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    Hi Pauline I have the will. If you email me on [email protected] I will send it to you rather than via the forum for privacy.
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    Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    I have attached his medal files.
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    Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    Hi Pauline Do you have his soldiers will? I have found a copy, just waiting for it to be downloaded if you want it? Also details from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the medals he was awarded. I have tried looking for him on the National War Role with no joy I am afraid.....
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    Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    Hi Paul Have you looked on Ancestry? There are several mentions of a Bertram Brittle on there. St Johns were very helpful when I was looking for info on my grandfather who was also in the regiment.
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    Hospital Dudley Road

    Hi Lyn SEN stands for State Enrolled Nurse which was a very practical hands on role which nowadays is done by Health Care Assistants. SRN stands for State Registered Nurse which was a longer more academic course. The SEN role has now gone and all nurses had to undergo further training if they...
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    Listed Buildings in Aston Ward.

    Hi Thank you for this, my 4 x grandfather ran the pub in the 1800's. So please it is still open following Rose the landlady's retirement last year.
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    Canal boat operators used by Showells Brewery/ Langley malting

    Hi Charles Could you email me please so we can share family information [email protected] I would love to hear from you. Interestingly this forum held its Christmas get together at the pub which is in Price Street. I am not sure how long it will exist for now the current landlady...
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    Canal boat operators used by Showells Brewery/ Langley malting

    hi Lewis I would love to know why you have an interest in this brewery. It was owned by my ancestors and there is a pub in Birmingham still in use which was owned by the Showells. Kind regards Katrina
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    showell's brewery

    Hi, thank you for the info about the brewery. I have been so busy with work lately I haven't had time to any research................. Must take a potter over to Langley Green to have a look.
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    H.P Sauce Birmingham

    My parents ran the Eagle pub just round the corner from the HP factory so I grew up with the smell of the sauce as I went to school each day. Cannot remember the name of the school though but think it was girls only?? (It was a long time ago...). Memories of mum and dad going to the market on...
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    Old street pics..

    Many thanks for your prompt reply Phil. There was certainly a distinctive smell from the factory, does anyone else remember it?? The Cross Keys was a pub that my dad ran but that might have been nearer to the Bull Ring. But he also at one point ran a pub at Cross Keys it might have been The...
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    Old street pics..

    Is there a Cross Keys pub in the old map?
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    Old street pics..

    I am sure I remember Aston Cross from my childhood but seem also to remember the smell of the brown sauce factory. Wasn't that nearby??
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    Inkerman St Vauxhall

    Hi Anita Do you have any pictures of Inkerman Street in Aston please? Katrina
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    BhF Christmas Meet 2014 On the Day

    Ken and I had a great time at the meet, lovely to put names to faces. Great food, great company. Many thanks to Lynn for organising it. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy & peaceful new year.