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    Dentist, Soho Road, Handsworth

    I believe it was Cheffins (don't know if this is the correct spelling). I went there when we lived in Handsworth and for some time after we moved. A long long time ago. I hated going to the dentist resulting in loosing my front tooth.
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    I was born in 1939 and we lived in Station Road Wylde Green, my Mum often spoke of the floods under the bridge as we were just two doors from the bridge opposite Voises the Newsagents. We were also bombed being so near the railway presumably they were trying to hit the railway. I imagine it...
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    New unseen photos of brum

    Thanks for these pictures, Lynn, lovely memories, especially the West End. Like Morris, spent most Saturday nights there. Still dancing!!!
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    Rose Villa Tavern

    I won this painting it is in my office at home and a friend of mine was admiring it only this week. A lovely picture and just as it was. Admittedly the building in the background was an eyesore but it was there when the picture was painted so what. Thanks Eric.
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    Looking good! Must pay a visit. Lovely picture. Thanks
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    Register Office Broad St

    Oh dear! What's going to happen to the three 'blokes'. Was so pleased when they reappeared hope they don't disappear again.
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    Bottles from Birmingham and the surrounding area.

    It was Camberwell, Dave, and looking through my archives it would appear that my step father's father also worked there, his profession on a marriage certificate is given as Yard Foreman Mineral Water Manufacturers. And in the District of Camberwell. Wikipedia also state that the first R...
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    Bottles from Birmingham and the surrounding area.

    That's interesting, Mike, my step father was born in Peckham, London and often spoke of R.Whites as he worked there as a young man, in Camberwell. A blast from the past!!!!! i am sure this will be an interesting thread, there are a lot of people out there who have collected bottles.
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    New unseen photos of brum

    Danced here every Saturday night, oh what happy days!!
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    Grand Hotel Colmore Row

    Back in 1957 I worked for the Britannic Assurance in Broad Street, we had our annual Dinner Dances at the Grand Hotelan amazing experience for one so young, I was 18 at the time. I wonder if there is anybody out there who worked for the Britannic and remembers these dances.
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    Streetly sandpits question

    That's the good thing about the BHF, you read something that you think you might know something about, research it and find out things you did not know about. I found the website very interesting, still have some reading to do. Cannot however throw any light re the sandpits, obviously it is a...
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    Streetly sandpits question

    There is an article on the Staffordshire Home Guards website written by a Captain Harry Myers where he states "training took place weekends at the sandpit in Little Hardwick Road. The Old Veseyans Rugby Football Ground is now located at this site" This is a very interesting website worth going...
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Just enjoyed looking at your paintings, Eric, you are great!!! Proud to have one of your paintings Rose Villa Tavern. Happy New Year to you.
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    Restaurants In Birmingham 1960s

    I had my 21st Birthday Party there, that's 54 years ago!!!!! That's when it was La Reserve, it was pretty up market in those days, it has changed hands and names many times over the years. Do not know what it is like now.