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  1. Kat7272

    Prince of Wales Pub, newspaper clippi g.

    The forum very kindly found me a newspaper clipping relating to the shooti g club that i cluded a Strawbridge. Please could you re post it i have lost it. Thankyou
  2. Kat7272

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    Great info, thank you very much all. Amazing what can be placed together in a short space of time. Here are the details of the 2 x W Payne. William Payne (1832 - 1892), occupation: Tailor Mary Bailey Taylor (born 1839), occupation: Tailor (Wife of above) William Henry (King) Payne (1854 -...
  3. Kat7272

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    Thanks all. Very interesting finds indeed. The info on the change of name is interesting. The men I am trying to research are William Payne and his son also William Henry Payne (both listed as Tailors in the census, plus wife Mary B Payne listed as a tailor and daughter Elizabeth listed as...
  4. Kat7272

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    Thank you. Anyone know where I could go to find info.on the company?
  5. Kat7272

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    I am trying to find some information on a London company called Watts, Payne & Co. I can see that they are listed in a London post office directory up to 1915. I am trying to find an address and any other details on the history of the company. Payne, Watts and Co were listed as a Tailors in...
  6. Kat7272

    These trying times - 2020

    Hi all Hope you are all ok and keeping happy.
  7. Kat7272

    Ex Pats and Brummies abroad

    Maurice, I keep meaning to say that I went to Crete last year, stayed near Heraklion. It was very nice, loved Greece and would like to go back. I would like to start looking at going to Greece again
  8. Kat7272

    Eagle And Tun Pub

    Unfortunately I have come to learn that the Eagle and Tun will not survive HS2. I am so sad, I am lost for words. Thanks to ell for the pics. What a shame that this building could not have been incorporated and preserved. It would have made such a difference and made so many people happy that...
  9. Kat7272

    The Woodman Tavern Duddeston Row New Canal St

    Some great info, thank you. Nice pics especially night pic Mikejee.
  10. Kat7272

    The Woodman Tavern Duddeston Row New Canal St

    Are there any old pics of the Woodman Pub please? Perhaps an old map too if possible.
  11. Kat7272

    On line maps.

    Wow, Britain from above is a good site, amazing. Thanks for the links.
  12. Kat7272

    The Woodman Tavern Duddeston Row New Canal St

    With the announcement of HS2 going ahead as of 11 Feb 2020, I have decided to educate myself on Curzon Street railway station and any other building/s that are still standing near Curzon Street. If anyone can add anything to improve my knowledge I would be grateful.
  13. Kat7272

    Curzon Street Railway Station

    I am interested in the buildings around (past and present) the railway station. I have seen the Woodman Pub mentioned, I am just off to have a search on BHF for the pub.
  14. Kat7272

    Birmingham Hidden Spaces - your experiences?

    I'm really looking forward to looking into the info (provided by the members) on this thread. Thank you, please keep it coming if there is anymore. Much appreciated.
  15. Kat7272

    Birmingham Hidden Spaces - your experiences?

    I have just discovered Birmingham's Hidden Spaces website. Do they run organised tours of the disused buildings, health and safety permitting of course, or is it just a website.