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    Army Records

    As previously mentioned, it is the cap badge of the Royal Monmouthshire Regt
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    Army Records

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    Online Electoral Rolls

    Is it a coincidence that there were 2 x John & Ada Pidgeon, with address as 49? I was only a little lad then and only knew my immediate family. My memory is even worse 70 years on!
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    Online Electoral Rolls

    Poolpit, you are correct. John (known as Fred) and Ada Pidgeon were my aunt and uncle. I lived next door at 51 Beauchamp Road from 1940 - 1953
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    Online Electoral Rolls

    Selby Grove Billesley was originally B14 and changed to B13. John(Fred) & Ada Pidgeon lived at 49 Beauchamp Road, not far from Selby Grove
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    Birmingham masonic lodges are under the jurisdiction of the Province of Warwickshire Tel no; 0121 454 4422 or address any request to: Provincial Grand Secretary Yenton Assembly Room 73 Gravelly Hill North Erdington Birmingham B23 6BJ
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    Heat Rash

    We called them chillbrains or chillbains. Just remembered, it was chilblains!
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    Moseley Post Office

    I worked at the public counter from July 1956 on leaving school as a 16 year old, until May 1958. I had the grand title of Postal and Telegraph Officer (Counter Clerk).
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    Hip Replacement.

    Just back home after hip replacement. Had epidural injection and mild sedative, never felt a thing. Discharged after 2 nights. Listen to the physiotherapist and do the recommended exercises. Make sure you get any aids (toilet and chair etc) from the occupational therapist at home for when you...
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    Hip Replacement.

    I get mine in 2 weeks. All advice welcome!
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    Army service medals

    I have recently used Worcester medal service. Excellent service.
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    School trips from Brum.

    Re post 12. My class at Billesley School Juniors also went to the Festival of Britain in 1951. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't afford the fare so I missed out. There were 2 of us left in the class that day.
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    National Service

    Lynn, re post 1477. If you look at" what does REME" mean thread, just below this thread, I have given website details to obtain Army records. It is a cap badge George V1 pattern of Royal Army Ordnance Corps. The only connection with Royal Artillery is we supply the ammunition and our patron...