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    Things kids say.

    I switched on the TV to keep my little grand-daughter amused. It was in the middle of a wild-life programme. 'Grand-dad what are those?' she asked. Whales I replied. There was then a long pause and a puzzled look on her face. Eventually she said 'That can't be right - Great Granny lives in Wales'!
  2. jukebox

    Coca cola

    Just a thought Carolina - if you have house/contents with accidental damage cover it may be worth claiming. My son's partner spilt a cup of coffee over his 2 day old Apple-Mac (yes they're still together!) and the insurance company had it fixed. I guess it may depend on how old the laptop is.
  3. jukebox

    Coca cola

    It's unlikely the data will have been lost. Best solution is probably to buy a 2.5in hard drive enclosure for the existing drive (but check the connection cable as some of the new laptops have different usb sockets!). Then when you've transferred your data you can use it to back up your files...
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    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    No comment!
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    Ideal Film - Picture House ?

    The Ideal Film Company (often known as Ideal Films or simply Ideal) was a British film production and distribution company that operated between 1911 and 1934. Info from Wikipedia.
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    In The Garden 2021

    Hanging Baskets brightening up the fence posts!
  7. jukebox

    In The Garden 2021

    I've a patch of moss in my front lawn which is attracting several Jackdaws. They don't seem to be taking the moss away so I can only assume they are after insects or leatherjackets. They only dig where there is moss but they make a right mess!
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    Disaaaarster - the final episode has been scrapped :sob:
  9. jukebox

    In The Garden 2021

    Could be an Exochorda also known as Pearl Bush.
  10. jukebox

    In The Garden 2021

    Magnolia Stellata - planted 2015. It has had a few flowers on in previous years but this year it is beautiful. Just hope the frost doesn't damage the blooms tonight.
  11. jukebox

    Talktalk Call Safe

    Last Friday 'Call Safe' started intercepting calls that were in my 'allowed' list. Pressing '1' connected the caller but replaced the existing entry in the on-line list with just the caller's number (without the name which I had entered). Further calls from that number were allowed through. Has...
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    Cemetery search

    Info from Familysearch.org: Re burial records - if he/she died in Birmingham, https://birminghamburialrecords.co.uk/ Costs £20 to download image however! If you get stuck with the more complicated one let us know - we like a challenge here!
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    Android Apps failing to open

    This only applies to Android systems - e.g. tablets etc. An update on 23 March has caused some apps to fail to open or to crash. If you have this problem here is the solution: Open Play Store. Type 'Webview for Android' in the search box Select 'Android System WebView' Click 'Update'
  14. jukebox

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    There have been several reports of companies sending unsolicited items and then writing 'verified' feedback saying how good they and the product are!
  15. jukebox

    Honey Lane

    I've never heard of Beggarly Green (and I was brought up in Olton!). I too found a reference https://midland-ancestors.uk/resources/birmingham/tyai-birmingham/acocks-green/ probably the same one you found but have not been able to find it on a map. Will be interested to know if you find...