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    Yardley Cemetery Map

    My gt g-parents were buried there (1922 and 1928). I got the grave details off the register and took them to the cemetery. They then gave me this map with the location marked (section 24, 7 plots in one direction 29 in the other). The lady was very helpful. Unfortunately the grave was unmarked -...
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    See Birmingham by Post Card

    See https://www.search.birminghamimages.org.uk/Details.aspx?&ResourceID=8548&SearchType=2&ThemeID=839 Demolished 1970s
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    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    I think a lot of money has been wasted by Smart Meter suppliers. I had one fitted by OVO a few years ago and found it very useful - never an estimated reading and I could check my usage and charges on-line at any time. Then I changed supplier to EDF energy but they couldn't read the meter as it...
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    Battery low, being locked out.

    Buying these is a bit hit and miss! Last one I bought was £11.49 from ebay in 2019 and it's still OK. I did buy two together a few years ago and they both died within a week. Just check that the seller offers a guarantee. Don't expect any of them to last 10 years though!
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    Battery low, being locked out.

    That's pretty good going! I don't think I've ever had one last longer than 5 years.
  6. jukebox

    Battery low, being locked out.

    I'm assuming this is a laptop? See what happens if you remove the battery and run it off the power supply (charger). If its a desktop it suggests the bios battery needs replacing.
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    Photo ID Atkinsons and The Woodman

    Looks like the corner of Cregoe St and Irving St. The only other Atkinsons pub called The Woodman listed in http://breweryhistory.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Atkinson's_Brewery_Ltd_pubs#Warwickshire was in Summer Lane and I don't think it was on a corner.
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    Neon Pint Glass sign

    See http://epapers.bham.ac.uk/2518/1/Cen0020.jpg
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    Neon Pint Glass sign

    Are you sure it wasn't the Schweppes sign you are thinking of which was on the side of the building as you came up from Digbeth, on the right opposite the church? There was a row of shops underneath including the Slow Boat chinese restaurant and I think a car park above. The sign faced towards...
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    In The Garden 2021

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    Help please, if you can

    Unfortunately much of the definition has been lost, particularly at the side of the face. If it's there on the original perhaps you could try scanning again? This is the best I can do:
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    Thomas Archer Susanna Archer grave or memorial Info

    If you can find out when they died https://birminghamburialrecords.co.uk/ may help.
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    Have I missed anything while I have been away?

    After much research I went for My Heritage Family Tree Builder. Plus point - it's free! However there are some minuses: 1. If a person has had more than one partner it doesn't display both in tree (chart) view 2. There is no 'All-in-One' tree display (may be available in the paid version) 3. I...
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    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    This has been the case for a while now. Coming from a long line of bank clerks/managers (I'm the odd one out!) my daughter joined Lloyds mid '80s but after a few years went in another direction having said to her Manager 'if I'd wanted to be a salesperson I'd have gone to work in Rackhams'
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    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    A few weeks ago my phone land line went dead and I used my mobile to contact TalkTalk. I asked the chap I was talking to where he was - South Africa! At least I could understand what he was saying :)