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  1. jonnybrowne

    Naomi Ray

    Hi all I'm desperately searching for a photo of my 2 x great grandmother Naomi Ray (nee Davis). Naomi was a Romany by birth, but spent most of her life in Aston where she had a very large family with her husband Samuel. Naomi died in 1912 aged 72. My late mother often spoke of having seen...
  2. jonnybrowne

    Herbert Road Small Heath

    That's interesting - my great-grandfather and namesake, John Browne, lived at 151 Herbert Road, having moved from Whitmore Road after 1911, and lived there until his death in 1925. Maybe our great-grandfathers knew of each other or were neighbours. I know a lot of the buildings in the road have...
  3. jonnybrowne


    That's all so true - the aunt I mentioned in another post was incredibly houseproud and I remember her and my uncle's Prefab as quite posh and modern, certainy compared to where we lived.
  4. jonnybrowne


    My aunt and uncle lived in a prefab in Sheldon from c.1947 up to about 1967 when I believe they were demolished. I remember it well as I used to stay there a lot when I was a kid, and I smile at the recollection that it always felt a bit odd not going up the "wooden hill" when I went to bed.
  5. jonnybrowne

    The Wylde Green Public House

    Sad to hear the Wylde Green is being demolished - last time I was in there was for a friend's mother's wake a couple of years ago.
  6. jonnybrowne

    Give us yer donny

    Did anyone else get told off for pugging when they were kids?
  7. jonnybrowne

    Long gone shops

    Interesting and it would make sense.
  8. jonnybrowne

    Long gone shops

    The last branch I went to was in Sutton about ten years ago, but my abiding memory is of Druckers being the only good bit of the Saturdays I spent dutifully following my Nan round the shops..
  9. jonnybrowne

    Long gone shops

    Are Druckers still going?
  10. jonnybrowne

    Aston Villa history

    Interesting historical note - W. (Billy) Garraty, third from left in the middle row, is the great-great grandfather of Villa's present-day pride and joy, Jack Grealish.
  11. jonnybrowne

    Witton Cemetery

    Thank you Lyn! :-)
  12. jonnybrowne

    Witton Cemetery

    Hi all Apologies if this information is somewhere in this thread and I've missed it, but a great many of my ancestors are buried in Witton Cemetery and I'd love to visit, take photos and leave some flowers. Can anyone point me to any online details of plot references or is it best to contact...
  13. jonnybrowne

    Aston St Aston Road Lichfield Road pubs

    Thank you again!
  14. jonnybrowne

    Aston St Aston Road Lichfield Road pubs

    I’ve now got a copy of Susannah’s death certificate (more gruesome reading) and she died, two weeks after the incident, at 11 Brick Kiln Street.
  15. jonnybrowne

    Aston St Aston Road Lichfield Road pubs

    Thank you very much for looking anyway, Lyn, really appreciated. I’d be very interested if anyone has any photos from the period - my family lived round the area of Staniforth Street, Sheep Street, Balloon Street. Jonny