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    King Edwards Grammar School Camp Hill

    Does anyone ex KEGS Camp Hill remember John LLoyd who has just died aged 89. He must have been in the 5th or 6th Forms when I was there and I would not remember anyone so remote. There was a small obituary of him recently in the Guardian. Looking back in these threads, what is this word...
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    I remember when Humph changed. I think there might have been some booing when he brought a SAXOPHONist to the Town Hall. He was a Canadian, Bruce Turner. The reaction was something like when Bob Dylan went from an acoustic guitar to an electric one. Somewhere above it is said that he went...
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    Then & Now

    As a Blues supporter (40's and 50's) I was told that at Villa Park you should keep your hands in your trouser pockets. Otherwise you might have a warm feeling down your leg. I never went there so I cannot confim this.
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    Then & Now

    I have been a member of BHL for just over a year now. For me the site is awkward to navigate round and as always photos are a pain. Mostly the experience has been enjoyable but sometimes it has made me remember past times and tears have been very close. Possbly my favourite part of BHL is Then...
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    Brass Dish

    I have a pair of brass dishes with a tale to tell. I was told that they were wedding presents for my parents in 1934. Apparently, some of the same design were made especially for the firm's owner. So these are what I would call 'foreigners'. Tut! They are identical, top and bottom and about 13...
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    32 Third Avenue, Bordesley Green.

    In the late 1940's I had a friend John(?) Bodenham who lived in Third Avenue. Can't recall the number. I remember his surname because I called him "bod'n'bacon". Our ways parted after we left Somerville Road Junior School. We did some swapping. I gave him a swordfish bone (where did I get...
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    Birmingham's Working Horses

    In 1956 I started at B'ham Tech in Suffolk St. (This is about horses, honest.) We had some lectures in a prefab building nearby. This must have been somewhere parallel to and not far from Broad Street. Looking at a map of that time, it might have been Holliday St. And now, the horses ... Not...
  8. J

    George Dawson Statue And Busts

    My photograph of William Dawson appears to be the third one shown above. It was taken in the early 1960's in Small Heath Park (though we always called it Victoria Park). It was by the main gate on Coventry Road. Almost in variably he had a dog end between his lips.
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    When writing the above (#833) I had intended including the following. I was also a member of Lewis's Boys' Own Club. I still have my card. I was number 560. I do not remember much about it but I did go to one members' Christmas party.
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    In the late 40's I was always taken to Lewis's to see Father Christmas. One year though he must have felt like a change annd was at the Beehive in Albert Street. You did not have to walk upstairs go in a lift. No you went by ship. I can't remember much now but you entered a space that I thought...
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    Then & Now

    I once came across an article in Aris's Gazette when Livery Street was first opened (sorry, I have not got the date). It said that it was then the longest street in Birmingham
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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    My father (b 1905) told me about the peaky blinders. They always interested me. But I have not watched any of the TV series. I am afraid that I would end up throwing things at the TV. I wonder if I should watch at least the first series. Do they get the accent right? Do they, say, show someone...
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    New unseen photos of brum

    I had a theory about that clock. There always seemed to be part of it not work. I think this was deliberate. Finding the bit that wwas not working was like having an itch that had to be scratched. Of course as you searched you kept seeing the name Guinness. The advert had worked. Then below the...
  14. J

    Small heath

    My mother (Dorothy Goldsby born 1905) said she worked at that drapery shop on the corner of Charles Road. It was a similar shop well into the 1950's. She then went to work in the Yardage Department of Lewis's, left there in the mid 30's but returned for a few years just after the war.
  15. J

    Small Heath Picture House collapse

    In the 50's the Green Lane Cinema was also known as the Sit and Scratch. I used to go to its Saturday childrens shows. Some very good (to me then) serials. Otherwise it seemed to specialise in H-certificate films.