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  1. J

    Witton Cemetery

    I also visited the office in the Witton cemetery on one occasion to find my nieces grave and they were very helpful. No charge made
  2. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Just looked at similar properties in area and going for 1.25 million. Wonder how much they were in early 1900s?
  3. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Hi Lyn. Mom was just Elsie Johnson with no middle name. DOB 19 10 1887. Thanks for info Janice, I'll look later. As you say could be old photo
  4. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Hi everyone, What a pity this site does not have a star rating system like the commercial world does where they ask you to rate them on services provided. If so I would be rating at the top. When I started this thread I never expected to come anywhere near the info. received. I have found out so...
  5. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Absolutely amazing. I don't know how to thank you all enough. So much clearer now. Yes, as I said before dad had large family and a number of names ring a bell. They were all in the gun trade and I remember Dad telling us once that his mom, when in London was a Gun Barrel browner and used to...
  6. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Yes the right DOB 17.9.88. His full name was Edward Johnson, no middle names. What confuses me is the fact he was born in Birmingham unless for some reason his parents moved down to London. Somewhere I have a card of his mothers burial in a cemetery in London and I know after the war we had a...
  7. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Wow!! How good are you all. Never imagined I would get so much info in such a short time. Thank you all so much. As far as my own family is concerned the reference to burial of Geoffrey in Witton could very well be my brother, and the Elsie M. could well be my sister, as said, possibly still...
  8. J

    Sarah Bridgen

    Before I start I want to say a big thank you to all who run this site, and indeed for the help I am sure I will get. As I read through the various threads I am always amazed at the information people possess in one form or another and their dedication in research. I have always intended to...
  9. J


    Our doctor was Dr. Butler and his wife whose practice was in a house on Reservoir Road Erdington. It was a few doors from the shops, Stockland Green end. He and his wife were also surgeons and did small operations in the back room. I had an abcess on my ear and they put me to sleep and lanced...
  10. J

    Autumn in the Garden

    Beautiful picture, being there in reality would take away all worries and cares of present situation
  11. J

    Autumn in the Garden

    Our strawberries went on late this year too. Was an excellent year for all the fruit. Can't believe that I bought three strawberry plants from Homebase when they closed down in Brownhills for £1.50. They were almost dead but have given so much fruit over the years.
  12. J


    Great photos Ray, brings back memories of visits there. Last time was with Retired Probation staff just before Christmas number of years ago when it was all lit up with candles and Christmas fare on offer.
  13. J

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    I only ever smoked one cig. when about 14 and was so sick never smoked another. Mom and dad used to smoke, Dad mainly Park Drive or Woodbines. Don't know why they called them ' Wild' Woodbines but remember going in a shop asking if he had any wild woodbines and when he said yes, told him to tame...
  14. J


    Have several memories of the city centre. Does anyone remember Barrows, the 'posh' shop, the other end of Corporation Street from New street, towards the Salvation Army Citadel. During the war my mother was quite poorly and for some reason the doctor said to her Oysters would be the best thing...
  15. J

    Unknown Medal

    When I first saw the medal I wondered if it was awarded for rifle shooting. Having a clear out, I have just thrown out some of mine, some having a similar square with circles in. Also wondered if an auctioneer like Wintertons in Lichfield may be able to give some info.