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Recent content by johnny082

  1. J

    My Nan's sayings

    Nico saying about someone talking too much reminded me of what used to be said "They've been vaccinated with a gramophone needle"
  2. J

    My Nan's sayings

    Suddenly thought this morning whilst taking my daily dose of vitamins of what they used to say when I was a kid and they felt exhausted, " I need a foofoo pill" [not a clue how you would spell it ]
  3. J

    Covid vaccination process

    Certainly an interesting article OldMohawk. How thankful we should be for the skill and dedication of all involved
  4. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Our Polyanthus have also done well this year, as in fact all the other stuff. Wish I could sing my head off like your blackbird Pedro.
  5. J

    Things kids say.

    Presenter on radio this morning said he went shopping with his lad on Saturday and whilst looking around the veg. stall asking what they should have, his son asked him if he wanted any 'Man get out'. Of course dad hadn't a clue until he took him to it, and then explained it was a French word...
  6. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Thanks for your pics Steve, they are great
  7. J

    Royal Visits To Birmingham through the years

    Re Pedro post 120 - you would have thought they would have had to polish their wellingtons for the inspection ! Haha. Not sure when it was exactly, whether 1945 or 1946 but the king and queen and the two princesses came to Birmingham and I believe other cities, soon after the war. I remember...
  8. J

    Covid vaccination process

    Had my second Pfizer Saturday evening. Well organised again. Felt a little more tired than usual yesterday but no other problems at all
  9. J

    Adverts of yesteryear.

    Not exactly the advert but does anyone remember a product, not sure whether something like Virol that had a picture of two girls on the front, They were my cousins and my Uncle entered the photo in a competition
  10. J

    Hobbies 2021

    Anyone ever played the Stylophone. I used to but havn't used itr for years. Can anyone remember who it was that used to play it on TV ?
  11. J

    Census 2021

    As far as I am aware every house in the country is sent a form and there should be no need to request one. It is stated on the form that you can do it on line or send the form in
  12. J

    Census 2021

    They were discussing this years census on the radio this morning and someone asked about when the 1921 Census would be available. Apparently because of various problems the England/ Wales census wont be available until January 2022. They were also saying that in that census there were two new...
  13. J

    In The Garden 2021

    We havn't had any frogs for many years since that disease killed off many. However my wife found some last year in our 'bottom' garden which is six foot lower that the one by the house. She brought about four up to the pool but so far not seen any of them
  14. J

    Haircuts now and then

    Talking of having a hair cut when you started work brings back memories. I was 15 when I started work and soon after went to a barbers on Icknield Port Road. As he cut my hair he suddenly asked "Is your father bald ?" Yes I said. "Well you will be before you're thirty" At 15 that was not what I...
  15. J

    Witton and District Allotments Limited

    Wow! That cutting brings back memories. Every Sunday morning, before and during the war, my brother and I used to go up to those allotments to an old couple who sold their produce. We used to return home with cabbage and potatoes, mint and rhubarb. Still remember chomping on the rhubarb as we...