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    Yes Mom's was 279295 I have never forgotton it I used to keep the little tickets off the Co op milkman when he came around with his horse also the baker.Lived in Arkley Rd Hall Green I would have been about 7 or 8
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    Yes Mom's was 279295 never forgot it.
  3. johnedward

    Rorke's drift

    A very long shot but my wife finds her great grndfather was a survivor of rorke's drift via a welsh regiment does anyone out there know of any relatives in their family who may have been there regards john
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    Hi Have just started to view the site again Mom's number was 279275 its a number you don't forget. John
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    Yates in city centre

    Reference Yates yes I remember that one but with fond memories the one in Nottingham who had a String Quartet in the upstairs bar circa 1980. And also the one in Liverpool where they chucked you in to drink rather than the other way around definite spit & saw dust Leicester the same. I now live...
  6. johnedward

    Gospel Oak, Acocks Green

    Reference the Gospel Oak I used to take my Dad's betting slips down to a chap who was located in a passge to the bar far right of the pub as you looked at it I think his name was Harold. We lived in Arkley road at 102 and Dad's monica was Bush 102 the year would be around 1955 / 56 John
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    Rod Sorry On Your Loss I Know The Feeling And Your Words Of Comfort Meant A Great Deal When I Lost My Ben Best Wishes John
  8. johnedward

    River Cole

    The Cole went under the Stratford Rd at Sparkbrook if memory serves me the bridge was next to the bus stops for the No 1 and the 31 0r 32 not sure which one. I can remember most of the time it was just a stream but was soon a raging torrent after heavy rain. John
  9. johnedward

    My pet

    My Friend Hi Just Read About Your Loss I Know The Feeling Well As I Know Others Do On This Forum.i Lost My Beloved Ben Last Year He Was Nearly 17 His Birthday Would Have Been Poppy Day. I Know All People Are Different But We Had Molly Just A Week After From A Rescue Centre And She Has Made...
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    The Old Perry Barr Shopping Centre

    Hi To Aston You Mention The Plotnics Was It A Harold Plotnic Who Started Allied Carpets In Acocks Green Back In The 60s ???????? John
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    The Brighton Arms Coventry Road This Was Next Door To Tesco I Worked There ( Tesco ) Circa 1967 /68 And From Memory It Had A Big Bar In The Front And A More Intimate Lounge At The Back Seeing The Name Of The Landlord I Think He Was Always Called "lol" As A Name By The Drinkers Many Happy...
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    If My Memory Serves Me Correct Wrensons Was In Hall Green Along With The Co-op , Pearks , And George Masons .on Lakey Lane Or In That General Area Circa .1957 Trying To Picture The Road I Think It Was Next To Vernons Newsagents Opp The Gospel Oak Or Was That Masons ????? I Am Sure Of...
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    My Molly

    Thanks Everyone Glad You All Like Her. John
  14. johnedward

    My Molly

    Its Taken Time But Here She Is.i Will Never Forget My Ben But Molly Well She Is Something Else So Pretty You Can't Help But Love Her. John
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Boundry Club Yes I Remember That One So Named Since It Was On The Border Of Olton And Acocks Green ???? Down By The 44 Bus Shelter And Clocking In Terminus . Happy Hours From Memory M & B Beers On The Way To The Golden Arrow Or On The Way Back Home Used To Live In The Flats In Woodcock Lane...