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Recent content by john70

  1. john70

    Yardley Wood

    Great photos I lived in Highters Road during the war and went to Grendon Road school, then Yardley Wood for 2 years and moved to Wheelers Lane school then.
  2. john70

    Old Contemptibles

    I had a great uncle, George Haylor who was with the Worcesters, and was killed at Hooge Belgium on June 16th.1915.
  3. john70

    The Shops on Haunch Lane-Ladds TV & Repair Shop

    In the 70s I worked for a coach company and used to pick up the residents at the Haunch and take them to Monyhull colony where they went on the evening for a dance, they went 3 times a week.
  4. john70

    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    Hi Ken. It would have been a 179 bus to Tanworth in Arden, I used to drive them when on the idland red in the 60s, I live in Burnham now also.
  5. john70

    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    Hi. Novelty. did you mean one of these.
  6. john70

    Letters from the front

    I found a lot of letters dad sent home in the war after my mom died, dating from 1939 to 45, some from Dunkirk, later Egypt with the 8th. army, Italy and Normandy to Germany, and 1942 diary from Egypt.
  7. john70

    Yardley Wood

    Heres a photo of Hayes shop.
  8. john70

    BHA399C D9 in Service with Midland Red in 1981 on the X92 route Ludlow to Birmingham

    Re: BHA399C D9 in Service with Midland Red in 1981 on the X92 route Ludlow to Birming Great video never drove 5399 but drove a lot of other D9s in and out of the bus station.
  9. john70

    Wartime Yardley

    Great story old boy, and glad your brother was ok allthough a prisoner of war.
  10. john70

    Shops Muntz st/The Cov

    Hi. Stitcher. Harding bakery was on the Coventry Rd. between the Swan and Lily Rd.
  11. john70

    Staff Bus alive and well and with NXWM

    The Yardley Wood staff bus sets out at 3 45am.
  12. john70

    Wartime Yardley

    Hi.Wigandem. It was my great grandad who lived there, he died in 1952, he had 18 children, and I am told they lived at 76 and the house next door, I know he was a gardener so the allotment information seems right, but didn,t know where that was,thanks for your reply.
  13. john70

    Wartime Yardley

    My grandparents on my fathers side lived in Lily Road, No. 76 name of Haylor, do you remember them?.
  14. john70

    The Early Days of The Bus Museum At Wythall

    It would be great to see 4482 the D7 at Wythall back on the road, it was a Digbeth bus when I worked there and I passed my PSV test in a D7.
  15. john70

    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    I believe it was in Moat lane.