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  1. joe 90

    Princess Alice / Parklands housing estate Sutton Coldfield / New Oscott

    Princess Alice Orphanage was in Sutton Coldfield not Erdington it was actually the Beggars Bush l lived not far away and l went to Boldmere High School for boys and we had a lot of boys from there in the school.All gone now shopping centre and housing
  2. joe 90

    Sutton Coldfield - Origin Of Name

    Well l hope he gets the correct punishment for doing this
  3. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    I do apologize but l thought the the Jamboree was in August 1957 as l was there..Joe 90
  4. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    Hi it was near the Crystal Palace lm 72 and it was there when l was a kid.Joe 90
  5. joe 90

    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Derrick Capper's brother was the vicar of the church where l lived at Banner's Gate Sutton Coldfield and he signed as one of my refeeres to get into Birmingham City Police. I also represented the Mounted Branch at Sir Derrik's funeral service At St Martins Church in the City.joe90
  6. joe 90

    Essence Of The 50s And 60s

    Sounds good to me Radiorails what time do we come round...............joe90
  7. joe 90

    Canterbury Road Police Station

    Hi yes it is the Police Station l was stationed there. joe 90
  8. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    I remember the the model aircraft when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s just past Longmore Pool on the left. Joe90
  9. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    I remember them well when I was a kid that was in the 50s and 60s just past Longmore pool big field on the left.Joe 90 This was in reply to the model aircraft.
  10. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    Ryland Road ran from the side of the Odeon cinema down past the Midland Red bus yard and up to High St and Rectory Rd turned off to the right by the church.Rectory Rd is where Good Hope Hospital is.
  11. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    I remember them draining it when l was a kid probably in the 60s. joe90
  12. joe 90

    Sutton Park

    I remember when it was La Reserve a posh restaurant and then it was turned into a snooker club.joe90
  13. joe 90

    Kings Heath Horse Showground

    Hi Vivienne, where was this dog track please joe90
  14. joe 90

    Essence Of The 50s And 60s

    I worked for Midland Counties Dairy in 1967 in my younger days and at Xmas you would get an average of 2'6d a customer and with 420 customers it was a tidy sum. joe90