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    In my class at grammar school was a lad named Martin (?) Evans who lived in one of those houses in Horrel Road about half way along between Church Rd and the Library.
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    Great clip RR. I remember the hit Slim Dusty had in 1957 "A pub with no beer" as well but another song featuring Waltzing Matilda is this one and for some reason it brings a tear to my eye,
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    Tommy Ball Murder

    Jen Parker I was unable to get hold of the pictures that I might have had, I'm sorry but I did come across this which may be of some interest to you https://michaelneatstories.wordpress.com/2019/07/31/the-tragedy-of-tommy-ball/
  4. jmadone

    Tommy Ball Murder

    Do you know when Tommy was in the team. I have just given my son a couple of books showing cigarette card of Villa players and teams from long ago uptil the late 20th C. I will ask him to look for a picture and then forward it yo you if there is one.
  5. jmadone

    King Edwards Grammar School Camp Hill

    Watched a programme today regarding memorable F.A. Cup finals. A couple of stills showing Ray Watson enjoying the post match celebrations with the winning Sunderland side.
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    Fold 3 on Ancestry

    Just read that Fold 3 on Ancestry (Military Records) have FREE access until 25th of May. Jim
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    After shelling the pods you need to remove the skin surrounding the bean. If cooked correctly they are delicious.
  8. jmadone

    Situation Comedy

    I watched that programme too and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a lovely, gentle man he was and didn't deserve to be so unlucky in love.
  9. jmadone

    Windows 10

    All sorted now :mad: My grateful thanks to Morturn, Pjmburns and Devonjim for your helpand advice.
  10. jmadone

    Windows 10

    I'll try that as well, thanks Jim.
  11. jmadone

    Windows 10

    AH HA! Got it! Many thanks for that. When I have got the appropriate clip can you tell me where it is stored. Is it in pictures or downloads or what?
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    Windows 10

    Morturn, which search box do you mean? The one on this forum, the one on the BNA website or where? Just tried both with no success. Just brings articles with the word snip in them.
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    Windows 10

    Let me start off by saying that I am not very computer savvy. I have just taken out a subscription to British Newspaper Archive for family tree purposes. I have found several articles that I would like to use. My problem is that I am only allowed to download the whole page and not just the...
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    Situation Comedy

    I've really enjoyed reading through this thread and it's brought back so many T.V. memories. Two shows not yet mentioned which I used to enjoy were The Lovers with Richard Beckinsale as Geoffrey "Bobbles Bon Bon" and Paula Wilcox as Beryl who described romantic fumblings from from Geoffrey as...
  15. jmadone

    Photo restoration

    O.M. Thank you, again a great improvement on the damaged original.