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    76 Lions! Plantagenet Buildings Spencer St

    brianthelion. I worked in Spencer Street at Hawker Marriss / Cavalier tableware for over 20 years, often frequenting the Jewellers after work, and I must confess I have never noticed the Lions on the building, (eyes on the ground I'm afraid) Thank you for enlightening me and possibly several...
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    Motorcycle Shops

    The pub was "The Dog" and opposite was The Prince
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    Is this one of the outcomes of being cooped up self isolating? Come on folks we are better than this
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    A little help please.

    Welcome Uncle Frank. My wife left Tower Street in 1953 and moved to Tile Cross. I don't suppose you remember them as you said you were only two. Their surname is Phillips and her dad is still going strong aged 100, he always had a Motor bike, and still has a Triumph Tiger Cub but sadly can...
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    Myself the wife and quite a few of the neighbours were on our doorsteps clapping, it's not a lot but it shows just how much the NHS IS appreciated
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    Where is this pub ?

    Some of the patrons look as they belong to a running club
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    Ansells Brewery

    Decimalization soon took care of that.
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    Centenary Square development 2020

    ellbrown. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos, I'm able to follow the progress of the work in town from the comfort of my armchair.
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    Woodgate valley

    Paul, it's gone. The fields are now the a duel carriageway connecting Quinton (just by the Monarch) to Weoley Castle (just by Rose's cafe)
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    Child Emigration from Birmingham

    The Montclare is the ship two of my uncles who were in Father Hudson's Coleshill, sailed on in 1922 to Canada. My father was not able to go as he was considered a "cripple" and would therefor have been no use as a worker. Sadly the eldest one, William drowned before he could make use of this...
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    Money!!!! - before decimalisation! Info needed please!

    Just a quick enlightening joke. A tramp goes into a posh restaurant, enjoys his meal and asks for the bill. This comes to 10 shillings and six pence. The tramp says to the waiter " 10 and six are sixteen, sixteen pence is one and four, one and four is five, her's a tanner, keep the change...
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    Sheep st, Gem st and Buck st.

    Welcome Tony. I have a feeling you knew my relatives from Buck Street, my Nan, Mary Ann, my uncle, Johnny Ellis? He often spoke about a Tony Barlone who had some connection to Ice Cream? He also spoke of Mickey Brannigan and the Iomis'. Sadly he is no longer with us so I can't ask him
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    Our childhood toys

    A "Butline Special" ?
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    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    With you there Alf. Some great old films on TPTV, and I like the fact that there is (almost) no swearing in them. Great acting great dialogue no CGI, bliss.
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    Pronounciation of Alcester

    Made, spade, fade pronounced as written, SADE (the singer pronounced sharday??????