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  1. jfc

    Former Midland Red Bus Garage Wellington to be Demolished

    I work out of Rhyl depot for Arriva. We have a town centre depot and fully expected to be moved out of town. Arriva have just spent ?? Millions on totally rebuilding the depot where it stands, completely rebuilding the offices and workshops. If we were moved out of town it would incur large...
  2. jfc

    Former Midland Red Bus Garage Wellington to be Demolished

    I worked out of Wellington depot for around 9 months during the MAP period. I then transferred back to Tamworth. It was a small depot, where all vehicles had to be reversed into, after years at Lea Hall and Tamworth where no reversing was required it was a bit of a shock, but you soon got back...
  3. jfc

    Midland Counties Dairy

    I started work in 1969 on leaving school at 15. I worked for Midland Counties Dairies at Moland Street, just off Corporation St. I started as a 'runner' learning all the rounds. I was used to help reliefs cover days off for the roundsmen. Len Higgins was the manager then, Ray Steel took over...
  4. jfc

    Buses in Pool Meadow Bus Station in Coventry in the Late 1970,s

    That brings back memories of working the 765 Lichfield/Coventry service, whilst at Tamworth. Used to love driving the route along with the other long service X99 Birmingham/Nottingham. Half shift over by the time you got back to depot. Spent 10 years at Tamworth in the late '70s early '80s.
  5. jfc

    Across Birmingham on the 29A

    Whilst visiting my parents in Perry Barr last weekend, I had to pass The Scotts Arms. I my be wrong, but I am sure I saw the West Bromwich to Sutton Coldfield now numbered 5. if my memory serves me right, I think it used to be the 456, right back to West Bromwich Corporation days.
  6. jfc

    Ticket Machine

    The ticket machines now are linked to GPS everything is recorded. every ticket issued, time and place. They know if you early or late. Sound and vision in cab. Systems that record for speed and acceleration etc.
  7. jfc

    Bus or Coach Station that had been built in Brum but never used

    I can remember being told it was going to be a bus station but it wasn't used due to the exit being badly planned and would have been too dangerous to use.
  8. jfc

    Off to town on the 53 bus

    The 51 route City to Scots Arms 52 route City to Beeches Estate. The 51 was later extended to Walsall taking in the old Midlands Red 118.
  9. jfc


    I heard today that Bowens has gone belly up, can anyone confirm this.
  10. jfc

    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    Picture number 3 looks like the Walsall Rd canal bridge just below the Clifton Cinema.
  11. jfc

    Midland Red Early Days

    In the Late 70's early 80's we used to have a nottingham evening paper put on the X99 to be dropped off at the bus stop in Breedon on the Hill evey day.
  12. jfc

    Birmingham buses

    Wendy. Only topped by 3 bell load at rush hour round Lancaster Circus on the 14,55,26 with the platform on fleetlines making contact with the road.
  13. jfc

    Another former Midland Red Garage to Close

    There is no open top work at Ll J now, the only open tops are at Rhyl. I will see if i can find out the allocations at the outstations for you. I start back at Rhyl full time tomorrow, after being made redundant from my vocational training job, due to goverment funding cut backs.
  14. jfc

    Another former Midland Red Garage to Close

    As with Coalville, Llandudno Junction is to be an outstation serving Llandudno and Colwyn Bay. The 12 service, Laandudno to Rhyl transferes to Rhyl on the 21st of this month .the 13's later in the year when Rhyl has been enlarged enough to take the extra buses. The 5's have already gone to...
  15. jfc

    Another former Midland Red Garage to Close

    I was told the other night that Stafford had closed. Perhaps someone on the forum could confirm this.