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    Cherry Street

  2. jennyann

    Stockland Green

    Lennon's was the name of the Supermarket that opened up on the Plaza site. Mr. Riego, Manager for a very long time used to live down the road from me in Ransome Road. He was President of the Midland Alsatian Dog Association and kept several dogs at his house in a special enclosed yard. He used...
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    Lawrence College Pitman College Corporation St

    I well remember Dr. Moore who taught Religious Studies at that time.
  4. jennyann

    Lawrence College Pitman College Corporation St

    My Mother attended Lawrence's College when it was at this address. She used to take the train from Witton Station into town and walk to the College. This would have been 1916 or thereabouts. When I failed my 11+ I was enrolled in Lawrence's College which had moved across Martineau Street and...
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    Old photograph of Wrenson's store in Dale End at Dale Chambers.
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    Upper Dean Street, Birmingham

    Hi Vivienne: As far as I can determine there have been several attempts to put forward a plan to renovate this building. Every time I have a look it still remains untouched. Skyscraper City site has mentioned it a lot of times over the years. It's an old Georgian building as far as I remember...
  8. jennyann

    Corporation Street

    The ABC Warehouse on Corporation Street once was the premises of Pitman's/Lawrence's College 1950's and 1960's. I went to school there in the 1953 and years later climbed the stairs up to the ABC Warehouse. The College moved and the building was demolished in the late 1970's.
  9. jennyann

    Birmingham's Image And Status

    Eric, so many Brummies of all ages are disappointed generally in what has happened in this regard to their city especially as these days people travel to other places where their buildings have been restored and look amazing. OK the building in Brum were blackened, etc for years but the ones...
  10. jennyann

    Canals of Birmingham

    Great photos, Elliott.
  11. jennyann

    Heathfield Maternity Hospital

    As far as I recall there never was a photo of Heathfield Maternity home on the site. As Lyn says no one has managed to come up with one which is odd as there must be some photos somewhere of a place where many Brummies came into the world. The only photo I have seen is the one of the remains of...
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    Hi Lyn: Haven't been able to get on to this site for ages. It just wouldn't let me in. I would change my password and still couldn't get in.Anyway, I thought I would have a go. You asked about Stephen Birch. Stephen Birch aged 56 passed away a year ago from cancer. He had the most incredible...
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    Michael Emery

    Very sad to let you know of the passing of Michael Emery. I heard this from Bernard Riches today and he asked me to let you know. Michael came on the forum under "mhemery". Condolences to his family. R.I.P. Michael.
  14. jennyann

    Witton Square

    Old photo of Witton shops taken from Aston Station.