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Recent content by jamesg1977

  1. J

    Pubs Of The Past

    Any news on this? Will it be demolished or has it been saved? I was a barman there between 2003 & 2004 -- James :)
  2. J

    Hawkes Street

    My grandfather was Raymond Joseph Bown he lived on Monica Road in Small Heath which is about a mile away from Hawkes Street :)
  3. J

    Mystery Building

    I live in Kidderminster now, this is about half a mile from my house. They are now flats, it has been closed for quite some time.
  4. J

    Heneage Street

    Does anyone know what year the houses were pulled down for redevelopment?
  5. J

    Kingsbury Rd, Erdington

    I used to buy m&m's and space raiders from the Mobil garage, and occasionally a Ruffle bar lol
  6. J


    Can anyone remember "Brian's" the barber shop at Stockland Green near the chip shop?
  7. J

    Heneage Street

    It equates to £1535.48!! :)
  8. J

    Erdington - Gravelly Hill - Slade Road / The Slade

    Hi Eric do you know of Charlie, Edith or Irene Hawkesford? (they lived at 20 kegworth Rd.) coincidently they also moved in 1962. Me and my mom (Irene) moved out in 1985, my nan (Edith) passed away in 1988 and finally my grandad (Charlie) moved out in 1995. Kind Regards James
  9. J

    Birches Green School

    I attended Birches Green junior school between 1986 and 1988, im pretty certain that the caretaker when I was there was a chap named Syd.
  10. J

    Tyburn Road Factories

    My granddad worked at AMAC for 50 years, his name was Charles Hawkesford, does anyone have any memories of him.
  11. J

    Alf Delaney. Lucas's.

    Re: foseco Hi Polly Do you have any memories of Irene Hawkesford, who worked at Foseco sometime in the early 1970's. Her first husband was Chris Hewitt. Kind regards James
  12. J

    Salford House Erdington Birmingham

    Theres also a small coppice which is enclosed by the triangle of roads Kegworth Rd/Hillside Rd/Chartley Rd. I think just like the lime trees this is a relic of the old estate.
  13. J

    Salford House Erdington Birmingham

    I cant believe all of this information has come to light, Im truly amazed! Its really appreciated because my mom was fascinated by the history of it. Unfortunately I lost my mom last year she was only 64 at the time. It would have been lovely to show her all of this, she really would have been...
  14. J

    Erdington - Gravelly Hill - Slade Road / The Slade

    Hi Ann There were 4 large houses in that area that I am aware of:- Copeley House, Salford House, Highlands and Greylands. Have you got any pics of the house itself? Cheers James
  15. J

    Atkinson Ale

    Once again thankyou for you help Jennyann :)