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    Marston Green Hospital?

    Thank you Degsy for the great memory lane photos . My son was born there in 1962. After 11 hrs in labour through the night ,he decided to make a sudden appearance ,so I was transferred to a wheelchair and taken along those outside footpaths to the labour room , at a very cold and frosty 7am ...
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    Hi Amanda Yes I remember Dr Gubbins . Was there another Dr , I seem to recall the name of Dr Tighe or something like that ? I vaguely remember Mum having a card that she used to pay money on . It all seems a million years away , but reading the memories of everyone else on this brilliant...
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    Hi Alberta Regarding cucumber and onion , We all love it in my family but down here in the south it is not familiar to the locals . I slice the cucumber ( skin on ) ,then slice the Spanish onion into a dish . Pour A mixture of warm water , malt vinegar and a little sugar onto it then leave to...
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    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Thank you all so much for the picture , map and information . I'm thrilled to bits ! I have no idea about an Italian connection as there is no one alive now to ask . Somewhere in my past I remember ice cream mentioned but when I asked my late Brother he laughed and said it was nothing to do with...
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    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Please can anyone help me out with the location of Duddeston Row. My Grandparents , Joseph and Ellen Spencer lived at number 51 in 1901.It says that he was Bookbinder and she worked from home as a milk shopkeeper ? Was there a line of shops there ? Would love a map or a picture , please ...
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    Did you meet your partner In Brum?

    Hi everyone , I met my Husband at the West End Theatre where we both worked . I worked in the advanced booking office and he was the handsome chef from the restaurant upstairs. South Pacific was the long running film at the time , and as we had free passes for all the town cinemas , no guessing...
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    barrack street/windsor st

    Hi Kath, you hit the nail on the head , I really was a Tom boy . Dolls weren't really my cup of tea . Now give me a trip down to the canel at New Canal St or on the back of a friends bike , well that would me more like it . Marbles ,Cowboys and Indians , yes !!! More exciting . On the other...
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    barrack street/windsor st

    Hi Kath , you're right the parkies name was Jack . I couldn't remember it until you said. He was a proper gent . We , my Brother ,cousins and friends spent many hours there . Apart from that we spent a lot of time playing on the bomb sites . Isobel
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    barrack street/windsor st

    Kath and Bustaboo , I lived in Chicheley St in the fifties ( just round the corner from Barrack st and Windsor st ), and have fond memories of the area. I went to Windsor st school and then Bloomsbury st . I too remember playing with my cousin on the site of St James . We used to dare one...
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    Tresario , my Grandfather Albert William Perry , Married Alice Smith in 1909 .Don't have any other details , as do not have the marriage cert yet . I think it may have been in the Handsworth or aston area .(needle in a haystack ) ? :confused2: Good luck , Isobel
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    Chicheley Street

    Mayfield , I to have been looking for Chicheley st . I was born there in 1945 in Sherington Place . All my cousins and Grandmother and Aunts and Uncle lived there at the same time .We left there when the houses were due to be demolished .I really would like a photo of the street, if any one has...
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    Loxton School and Bloomsbury St

    Re: windsor st Hi Angel , I attended Windsor St from 1950 to 1956 . I think I remember the teachers mentioned . Do you remember Miss Holton and Mr Taylor.I played in the skittle ball team and have a picture somewhere.