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    Jim Crow

    Yes Pedrocut has mentioned the plantation connection to the name "Jim Crow" and another link is the term crow bar, which is associated with contracting. The actual " Jim Crow Arm" was a branch off the main Titford Canal, which served Albright & Wilson's Phosphorus Works. Their records mention...
  2. Heartland

    Tram terminus at Saltley

    This postcard image is quite detailed, showing Saltley Road and the steam tram terminus where the track formed a loop around the junction with Nechells Place. The railway bridge in the back ground is the line from Duddeston to Aston. It would have been London & North Western Railway then...
  3. Heartland

    Canal Street, Aston

    I do not think this image is at the location stated. The reason being if the name on the building is Shropshire Union Railway & Canal Carriers and that premises was at the end of Crescent Wharf and near Cambridge Street. These premises as reconstructed by G R Jebb, later passed to Fellow's...
  4. Heartland

    Brittle Street'', city

    Interesting reference to a Timber yard, which was on the canal. For those who walk the Birmingham Canal at Gas Street Basin and go up the slope to the entrance from Gas Street, this incline is actually a side bridge over the entrance to a basin that was used by the Birmingham Timber Co...
  5. Heartland

    Moseley Kings Heath Line

    Yes, I agree with the wrong "Rail Advent" description, I have traveled on passenger trains along the route. Some, if I recall in BR days were diversions, and there were also the steam hauled special trains. 92220 is seen crossing the Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal. The route was once...
  6. Heartland

    Curzon Street Railway Station

    I think also that 80 mph is a high speed. Yet trains do from time to time enter a station, which they are stopping at, with speed. In the 1990's there was a concern about this, I recall.
  7. Heartland

    Black Country Museum

    A better description of the lift bridge would be Factory railway interchange basin, which was built for the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway and became GWR and then BR before closure. The bridge provided access to the central island between the two basins.
  8. Heartland

    Bristol Street Brewery

    Well I was going to put a chapter on Breweries into my book Workshop for the World, but with Joseph Mc Kenna book decided to leave it out. Yes Edward Devis was bankrupt in July 1869 and George Hemming purchased the brewery and improved it. By 1885 it was Hemming & Sons West End Brewery...
  9. Heartland

    Morris Commercial Vehicles

    The Morris Commercial Works started as the Wolseley Tool & Motor Co in 1901. Wolseley expanded their premises at different times and included in their purchase (in 1908) the former railway waggon building works that had been started by Brown Marshall. With the expansion railway sidings were...
  10. Heartland

    Dunlop rubber factory Birmingham

    Dunlop purchased the Erdington factory site in 1916. They previously had the Para Mills and the Manor Mills at Aston. It is more likely that the lady worked at one of those establishments. Work then would have been concentrated on the war effort,
  11. Heartland

    Curzon Street Railway Station

    I am waiting to see if those looking at the locomotive shed, find the underground coke storage and may be the 18 inch gauge railway that brought coke from the narrow boats. That the early London & Birmingham locomotives burnt coke rather than coal was the result of early locomotive boiler...
  12. Heartland

    Curzon Street Railway Station

    The Woodman and the Eagle & Tun were both popular for workers the British Rail Parcels Depot. NCL staff were used as delivery drivers. The fuel tanks for the vehicles were there until recently, but suspect the latest excavations has led to their removal
  13. Heartland

    Curzon Street Railway Station

    There are some interesting views of the excavation, which it seems is still ongoing. The shed was probably taken down in the 1850's and is not shown on the general Piggot Smiths map of that period, although the date of that map is questionable- late 1850's to late 1860s. An early Piggot Smith...
  14. Heartland

    Moseley Kings Heath Line

    Yes, there was a trial using a train stopping at the station locations on Monday 16th 2020 as confirmed by the Rail Advent site.
  15. Heartland

    74 and 75 bus routes

    Then there was the 70 that started from the Uplands