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    Demolition of New Street Station

    The diesel service to Sutton Park, ended in 1965 when the through service Walsall- Birmingham via Castle Bromwich ceased. The Post Office retained a depot at Sutton which used to have a parcels service from Curzon Street. The railway line is still there and open for freight traffic. There is...
  2. Heartland

    The Longboat, Cambrian Wharf

    If and when the Flapper is demolished there is the aspect of what heritage feature remain in the foundations. The crane is listed grade II and is said to have belonged to the former warehouse range in this site. How much of the former warehouse foundations remain should also be the subject of an...
  3. Heartland

    Carters White Horse

    The thread on Thomas Townshend is related to both canal and railway construction. He had a large and extended family, but most of the family threads disappear after his death in 1846. He is given as both an engineer and contractor and he certainly had an impact on West Midlands transport...
  4. Heartland

    NewStreet Station 1967

    Passenger Luggage in Advance was a different service, where luggage was sent on with the hopeful re-uniting with the owner. It was a service offered for those often going on for holiday.
  5. Heartland

    LMS Railway Delivery Vehicles

    The firm was Bellis & Seekings then Secundus was the name given by Pike Brothers and was the second supplied by Bellis & Seekings for the 2ft 8in gauge tramway at Wareham near Poole and was used to carry Ball Clay. The locomotives were in use until 1954 when road transport was substituted...
  6. Heartland

    LMS Railway Delivery Vehicles

    Bellis & Morcom were previously Bellis & Seekings They built a couple of steam locomotives including SECUNDUS. This image shows the loco at the private line it was built for.
  7. Heartland

    New station funding Fort Station Castle Bromwich

    The last stage of funding applications for restoring railways fund (stage 3) has included the Fort Station at Castle Bromwich. This is a new scheme to re-instate a station to serve this area. There were once stations at Castle Bromwich and Bromford Lane, both now closed.
  8. Heartland

    Steam Locos

    There is something about a steam locomotive. In the modern world there will no doubt be a problem as coal supplies dwindle. Before BR ended steam working such were the scenes on freight and passengers trains. Atmosphere was more important than a sharply focused shot sometimes
  9. Heartland

    NewStreet Station 1967

    The parcel bay became Red Star parcels, which was British Rail development of sending parcels with the guard/conductor of passenger trains. Here the sender sent a parcel which was delivered direct to the office and collected from a designated station. Birmingham International, Sutton Coldfield...
  10. Heartland

    Hamstead Colliery

    Apart from Hampstead, there was Jubilee Colliery. This mine was developed with a tramway to the canal at Sandwell Park Colliery. It was in West Bromwich, but was just on the border with Handsworth and had workings that went that way. There was also a sinking at Perry, but was stopped as little...
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    LMS Railway Delivery Vehicles

    The view has the look of being a consignment from the Bellis & Morcam Works, which were on Ladywood. If it was going to their works, a different name might be expected to be on the case. So it could be one of their products for despatch by LMS railway. The image would appear to be the...
  12. Heartland

    NewStreet Station 1967

    That is the Stephenson Street side of the station which once had the travel centre and a booking office and there was also the railway hotel. To get some perspective of the original station an ariel view from the 1930's might be appropriate. Stephenson Street is on the centre right. The...
  13. Heartland

    Lock keeper’s cottages

    Looking up the BCN cottages in Birmingham, I compared a 1911 Census Entry for the group of cottages in Ludgate Hill. These were back to back cottages 43 & 44 Ludgate Hill (5 separate dwellings in total). These cottages were build over the by wash pound at the bridge with the cottages on the...
  14. Heartland

    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Has anybody come across an image of Under Tindal Street Bridge by George Busby (1926-2005) ?
  15. Heartland

    The Fountain at the Council House

    The Fountain has been recently restored to use after a period of use as a garden. In this view workmen are seen preparing the ground for the original fountain