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Recent content by Harry Flashman

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    Dentistry past and present in Brum

    I can completely sympathize with Ray T. I had many ghastly visits to the dentist which was on Maple Road in Bourneville. I see that per Google, there is still a dental surgery on that site. I'm sure that their services are splendid and much less Victorian than my experiences over 50 years ago...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Interesting post there John. Like you I started in 1A at GD and have good memories of Rudolph and Martin, as well as Paul Mayhew. My illustrious start in an ‘A’ stream class was doomed to have me with you John and others, swimming in the depths of the ‘C’ stream from year two for the rest of my...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Looking directly at the camera is, I believe, Martin Ashcroft. Talking to Rudolph Smith is Bill Hendon. Also it looks like John Dale, Geoff Benton and Mark Goldberg in the background.
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    127 Bristol Road

    Odd numbers on Bristol Road were on the right side of the road as you left the city centre and not the left in the modern Highgate development.
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    1960s cars

    Yes, the days of tune ups, engine timing lights, distributor caps etc. In those days 40-50,000 miles was a high mileage car. My 14 year old FJ Cruiser has 152,000 miles and runs beautifully.
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    1960s cars

    I think all cars back then were rot boxes. The Jaguar was only about 12 months old when this picture was taken, so no rot then. In 1976 I lusted after and stupidly bought a 1970 Rover 3500. Apart from appalling reliability and only being a few years old, it suffered with rust issues.
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    1960s cars

    My mom loved her Jaguar. A 17 year old when I took this photo, I would spend hours cleaning it. Before I put it in the garage, I would do a circuit up Sir Harry's Road, to Edgbaston Park Road, back to Bristol Road and home, just to "dry it off".
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    Calthorpe Road

    Beautiful house. There are some very similar on Wellington Road.
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    Happy Birthday Maurice. I hope your day is filled with warmth and joy.
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    Good classical music on YouTube

    I find this absolutely enchanting. The Llibre Vermell and the Cantigas de Santa Maria:
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    I happen to know that one of the protagonists of the honky-tonk/stink bomb event was Don G. He and others had similar thoughts about the repressive attitudes at GD. We have both agreed that education is not the learn 'like a parrot' system, but more the encouragement for a pupil to learn. He...
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    Crockett & lowe

    Hello Gwynfor. I'm pleased to see that my memory was correct and yes, the Rolls was red. I distinctly remember Mr. Crockett pulling up, just outside the entrance to George Dixon School at Five ways. Naturally, several of us where very impressed. The passenger door opened and out climbed Andrew...
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    Sons Of Rest

    I had no idea about the Sons of Rest. I always thought it referred to the British Leyland workers.
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    Crockett & lowe

    Slightly off topic, but a friend of mine from George Dixon Grammar school, Andrew Crockett, was I believe the son of the owner back in the late 1960's. His dad used to drop him off in Rolls some days. Lost touch with Andrew after school days.
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Do you remember Susan Meanwell and Fiona MacDonald?