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Recent content by Harry Flashman

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    Calthorpe Road

    Beautiful house. There are some very similar on Wellington Road.
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    Happy Birthday Maurice. I hope your day is filled with warmth and joy.
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    Good classical music on YouTube

    I find this absolutely enchanting. The Llibre Vermell and the Cantigas de Santa Maria:
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    I happen to know that one of the protagonists of the honky-tonk/stink bomb event was Don G. He and others had similar thoughts about the repressive attitudes at GD. We have both agreed that education is not the learn 'like a parrot' system, but more the encouragement for a pupil to learn. He...
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    Crockett & lowe

    Hello Gwynfor. I'm pleased to see that my memory was correct and yes, the Rolls was red. I distinctly remember Mr. Crockett pulling up, just outside the entrance to George Dixon School at Five ways. Naturally, several of us where very impressed. The passenger door opened and out climbed Andrew...
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    Sons Of Rest

    I had no idea about the Sons of Rest. I always thought it referred to the British Leyland workers.
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    Crockett & lowe

    Slightly off topic, but a friend of mine from George Dixon Grammar school, Andrew Crockett, was I believe the son of the owner back in the late 1960's. His dad used to drop him off in Rolls some days. Lost touch with Andrew after school days.
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Do you remember Susan Meanwell and Fiona MacDonald?
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    David you are absolutely correct. The church on the corner in question was St Germain's Church. Terry and I were good friends and as he took the number 8 bus to Lee Bank Road and to his home on Ryland Road. During my time at City Road, I would take this minor detour so that we could spend time...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Scanning back through my memories of GD, I remember happy times and one particular episode rather vividly. I've typed it out and called it 'Snow Day'. I hope it's not too long and wonder if anyone else can recall those happy times. There are few joyous moments for a 12 year old boy, attending...
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    The Battle of Britain

    My statement about the Polish Air Force being no match for the Luftwaffe was not meant to be critical of the Polish pilots but more their aircraft and command and control. It is widely known the 302 ad 303 squadrons (Polish) were the most successful of all RAF squadrons as far as their shoot...
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    The Battle of Britain

    Up until the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe had experienced an easy run of things but when pitted against the RAF were doomed to lose. The Polish Air Force was no match, as was the French. The Stuka dive bomber had been used to great effect in conjunction with German ground troops. That all...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Hello John. I just read your last missive. It is with great sadness that I write of Pete's passing on August 3rd. He fought a very stoic and courageous battle with esophageal cancer, supported by his wife Ann, but as in so many of these cases, the illness won. Pete and I had been communicating...
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    Birmingham Hippodrome

    Time flies doesn't it? I remember working a Pantones season back stage when your dad was stage manager. Maybe 1970/71. Arthur Askey and Dickie Henderson were the stars. I have some fond memories of the laughs we 'stage hands' used to have.The 'get out' and get in' of all the scenery after...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Geoff, I don't remember the Reeves incident but I do remember Pat Hanks the art teacher. He was a very nice man and so enthusiastic about art. I remember as first formers he lectured us on the evils of paint by numbers and plastic flowers. Radical stuff back then. Poor old Rudolph Smith...