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Recent content by Harbornite76

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    Snow Hill Station

    Snow Hill was resignalled in 1959/60 and closed in 72 so bit of a waste really.
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    Snow Hill Station

    It's a colour light signal gantry.
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    Private Railways In Birmingham

    We discussed it a while back on the dedicated Harborne railway thread. It's quite easy to locate the triangle junction for the branch, basically it's where the trackbed widens just before Rotton Park road bridge although as you say, there's not much evidence for the line existing due to the...
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    Private Railways In Birmingham

    I know this technically doesn't count as Birmingham, but Mitchells and Butlers at Cape Hill had their own locomotives and sidings, which were connected to the national network at Rotton Park Road on the Harborne branch.
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    Harborne Railway

    Oh I see! If it was city road then the loco would probably have been one of the Mitchells and Butlers locomotives that were used for shunting goods wagons round their brewery at Cape Hill. Can you remember if the locomotive was a tender or tank engine? On another note, here's some more pictures...
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    Harborne Railway

    That's right, it closed on 4th November 1963 and the last railtour to run on the line was two days before that. Do you remember seeing any trains on there?
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    Harborne Railway

    That's a nice shot, one of the only ones I've seen of that station in colour. By the 1950's there were only three freight trains a day according to disused railways, one in the morning, afternoon and evening. It's a shame that the line isn't open any more.
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    Snow Hill Clock - Platform 7

    I've heard that before, and although I didn't get to experience either station back in the 1950's or 60's, I can see from old pictures that Snow Hill had better facilities. It should be considered that that incarnation of Snow Hill had opened in 1912 so the station wasn't that old, whereas New...
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    Snow Hill Station

    I hadn't heard of the railcar being referred to as the bluebird before. They used to run to Dudley via Old Hill and Blowers Green and were nicknamed the Dudley dodgers. There was also the Blue Pullman which was an express diesel unit that ran from Paddington to Wolverhampton Low Level.
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    Harborne Railway

    That's a good map, Malvernian. Even today you can still just about make out the mound which marks the site of the island platform. When you say "still working", do you mean that you can remember the line when it was operational?
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    Stechford - The Village - Albert Road

    I see what you mean, the church and some of the terraced houses look similar today. Thanks for sharing that picture.
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    Harborne Railway

    That's true, it was one of the reasons why people stopped using the passenger service. Regarding the M&B branch, the cutting it ran through has been filled in, although you can obviously still walk through the site of the triangle junction where the exchange sidings were located.
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    Jaguar cars

    It's a shame that the Browns Lane plant closed, the company is doing quite well with its new range of models, and they are looking to build a new plant in Poland.
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    Sutton Coldfield to Stirling Motorail Car Sleeper

    Thanks for the gen, it's a shame that the service is gone, but it probably wasn't profitable, and cars nowadays are generally more reliable, so there'd be less need for its return.
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    Car Marques, Figureheads And Badges

    Aye that's right, they decided to change it in '45 because of the war.