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Recent content by gibbo2005

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    Midland Red Early Days

    i was assistant foreman at Sutton garage my mate Wynne Jordan worked at Carlyle works for many years he now lives in north Wales Allen Gibson
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    Birmingham buses

    nice pic ragga i think the woman in front of the is trying to get killed
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    Hello mossg I remember the Allens shop the house to the right down the hill was doctor Massey;s house i used to go to him in the 1940;s and 50;s
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    My First Car

    my first car was a 1937 Austin camebridge i bought it for 40 pounds and sold it for 40pounds about 10 years later Allen
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    Gaskell and Chambers

    i started at Gaskel and Chambers when i left school at 14 in 1946 i was in the upholstery shop and i was there for about 12 months as the horse hair affected my health Allen
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    13 Bartons Bank, Aston 1940's

    my grand mother and grandfather live in Bartons bank we used to there almost every week end they were the Gibsons Allen
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    Air raid shelters

    pretty sure its an air raid shelter their is one like it on Kingstanding road near police station but its not to close to houses to be a gun site because i can remember one on the corner of Leyton grove Hurlingham road we used to go out nest day and collect the shells Allen
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    Gaskell and Chambers

    I left school at 14 in 1948 started at Gaskel and Chambers i i worked there for about 12 months but the horse hair used in the upholstery was to much and had to give it up
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    Midland Red Early Days

    hello Thylacine hope you are all ok i still have my psv badges from the 1950s and are still in good condition are they worth anything lol Allen
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    Midland Red Early Days

    hello thylacine how long you been in australa ive just got to 40 years lol from burmingham and was at sutton garage midland red from 1958 till 1970 hope you like tassie ive never been there yet live in qld Allen
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    Midland Red Early Days

    I had 2or 3 weeks in driving school had a midland red driving test and then had a psv driving test in the 1950s allen
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    the 33 bus used to turn round at Kings road Finchley road in the 40s 50s i remember it dropped passengers off in Finchley road turned left into Kings road did a u turn in the duel carage way and started in finchley road Allen
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    Railways in films

    3.10 to yuma another one
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    Midland Red at Digbeth

    hi again thylacine we did have some fedds in sutton at that time and had the pleasure of driving them on the 107 we also had some guy arabs then too Allen
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    Midland Red at Digbeth

    hello motorman mike i remember both of them i am still in conctact with David Oughton he caqme over here for a holiday a few years back i worked with him for some time when i became assistant foreman in the garage he has not changed much Allen