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  1. gagajohn

    Lennox Street

    I would like to see a photo of the coronation party in Lennox St I lived at No 2/48 my sisters name is Pat and my name is John, we moved out to Kings Norton in 1956.
  2. gagajohn

    Forum Donations

    Donation made and well worth the money keep up the good work, when I have time I shall post some other pics of the Town Halls latest make over al are internal. john
  3. gagajohn

    City Centre Photographs

    I have some photos taken in 1972 around the Bull Ring area I will attach them you can include or delete if not what you are looking to include into your photo album.
  4. gagajohn

    WW1 postcards

    I have some post cards that I had from my ants house some years ago, I think the regiment is the Kings Royal Rifles and her dad when he was in the hospital along with some of his pals. I also have his pay book along with other snaps.
  5. gagajohn

    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Hi these are the pics of Saint Mathias football and cricket teams of 1954/1955 the names of the players are on the pics the ones I can remember, no cups or shields that I can remember.