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Recent content by G G Jean

  1. G G Jean

    Birchfield Secondary Modern School

    Hi Geoff I remember you well. You lived a few doors away in Holte road Lorraine Nixon was a few doors up from us too. I too went to Yew Tree road school. My name was Jean Lyndon.
  2. G G Jean


    Hope you have had a lovely birthday Mike from Jean.
  3. G G Jean

    Adverts of yesteryear.

    I hated theese.
  4. G G Jean

    Adverts of yesteryear.

    Afraid not Dolly.
  5. G G Jean

    Adverts of yesteryear.

    I think they are in the old Co Op book of moms? .
  6. G G Jean

    Adverts of yesteryear.

    Hope these cound!!?.
  7. G G Jean

    Adverts of yesteryear.

    Just a few old adverts my mom kept in her toffee tin.
  8. G G Jean

    Aston Hall

    Especially the whispering gallery in St Pauls Cathedral.
  9. G G Jean

    Kynoch's I M I 1950s Onwards

    Thanks Richard very true.
  10. G G Jean

    Kynoch's I M I 1950s Onwards

    This is a photo of mom with Lill Turner in the Kynoch canteen where she was pastry cook. The second is her retirement and presentation. We all met up at Ansell's social club on the evening for a farewell party for them all.
  11. G G Jean

    Bevington Road Aston

    Have you the address of the back to back in Franchise street please as my Nan was 3/36?. Thanks.
  12. G G Jean

    Birmingham Anglers' Association

    Just up from our caravan. Pete used to fish those waters too.
  13. G G Jean

    Pubs on Queslet Road The Old Horns,The Trees and the Deers Leap

    Pass this pub most days on our allowed one hour exercise.
  14. G G Jean

    Pype Hayes Park

    What a lovely old phot Viv. My late aunt and uncles house backed onto the park.
  15. G G Jean

    Birmingham's Working Horses

    Thank you Maurice and Lynn. I did post this before the forum was hacked so thought I would attach it again. My granddad is buried in the small churchyard over the road from the Church Tavern with his little daughter Evelyn. Unfortunately over the years it has been covered over when the...